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T. Powers


**2 Cups Rubbing Alcohol
**4 tsps of Boric Acid Powder (not as dangerous as it sounds and can be bought at any drug store without a prescription)
**16 drops of 1% Gentian Violet (Also can be bought at any drug store without a prescription --May have to ask the pharmacist)

Shake this mixture well because the boric acid powder never fully dissolves. Pour it over your feet into an old bucket. **THIS WILL STAIN YOUR FEET BLUE.** It will stain furniture and clothing too so be careful.
It wears off your skin in just a few days and it is worth it. Just a few treatments and your Athletes foot will be gone. Be sure to rub your feet with a file to exfoliate all the dead skin ---that way the treatment can get under the dead skin and kill off the fungus.
I used this mixture for my dogs constant ear problems. I figured if it killed the yeast in her ears it would kill the fungus on my feet. I was right. Worked like a charm! Just use it in the winter when no one can see your blue feet. :)

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Gentian Violet is quite possibly a carcinogen, which is why it can be difficult to get hold of, so I wouldn't recommend using it. Cancer is not good.


Take it from a medic-
True Boric Acid IS NOT meant to be used on a rash of this nature and can be toxic to adults, children, and pets alike! If you want true help in getting rid of the Athletes Foot, the key is not only keeping your foot dry but drying out the raised rash which is often accompanied by blisters or sores. change your white cotton socks at least 2 times daily. As athletes foot can lead to jock itch and a variety of other problems, do NOT take a BATH. Get a basin (clear plastic storage bins work great) & Soak your feet in warm water (NOT HOT-hot water irritates the areas and makes the rash worse). You can either add regular table salt to the water, vinegar, or plain tea bags (all three of these options will help dry out the rash and give an anti fungal cream or spray a better chance of being fast acting). Beware of corn starch as it often 'feeds' this sort of rash and makes it worse. Remember that chemicals like bleach & household liquids like Listerine may kill the fungus and germs but they also kill the good bacteria working as well. They can also have adverse affects. It's always best to consult a doctor before trying home remedies as you may be allergic to many of the ones suggested online. Also, I've seen a case where a man used Listerine on his foot and ended up with 'jungle rot'-NOT a pretty picture. While it's GREAT for toe nail fungus, it's not so great for your whole foot!
Something else to consider is your stress level and body PH. High acid foods like sodas & tomatoes can contribute to skin rashes. Try adding more water, vitamin c, fish oil, nuts, & ph balancing foods to your diet! Also, de-stress...after all, everyone needs an ooosaaah moment! Hope this helps!!

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