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Abigail Dogbey

The effective home remedy for vagina odor is lime.use small amount on the vagina wall for 30min before bathing and squeeze one lime into a half litre of water and douch with it believe it works like magic and see the result in 21 day! Due to the acidic in the lime it helps destroy and bacteria and restores the acidic lost in the vagina.

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New studies say that you should keep your body in a state of Alkaline, NOT acid.


Alkaline has to high of a PH that manipulates the our body, like hair acid is low as alkaline is high hharsh chemicals sush as perms realaxers are alakaline based which breaks through natural forms


Those 'new studies' you've found are wrong, since the bad bacteria thrive in alkaline and the good thrive in acid. Nowhere that's reputable would say go for alkaline.


I just try water with lemon it works. Thanks for the advice

take it from me

works for a while , lime . in the long run that is the problem . For w little while ,the problem seems to have gone but it will come worse

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