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Several years ago, I read about a new migraine treatment involving licocaine (numbing) drops for the nose. It resonated because I used to get cluster migraines throughout the summer and fall.

Cluster migraines mimic toothache. They run along a cranial nerve route, affecting the eye, cheek, nose, chin and throat area on the same side. As can be the case with toothaches, I could feel where some of the nerve branches ended -- in the roof off my mouth and inside my nostril, above the flare of my nose.

Remembering the info about lidocaine, I bought the next best thing -- Orajel. I dipped in a Q-Tip and held it against the spots in my nose and in the roof of my mouth where the pain 'ended.' It worked! Numbing the pain at the ends of the nerves alleviated along the whole nerve path.

You can't actually touch the exact spots with the Q-Tip because the nerves aren't exposed, but you'll feel when you're as close as you can get. Hold the Q-Tip in place until the pain lessens, usually within a minute or so.

Note that this doesn't cure the infection, it merely numbs the pain. I ultimately lost a tooth once after mistaking an abscess for cluster migraine, which is how I know it works for toothache pain that radiates from the tooth's nerve. I didn't realize it was an abscess until drying puss worked its way out from between the tooth and gum.

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