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I am someone who is in severe manic depression right now in my life. My little eleven year old angel (Whom) was my only child passed away 35 days ago. I am having a very difficult time in how to cope with this, and I think my panic attacks are even more unbearable because my precious little girl left me so unbelievably sudden. I didn't have time to prepare myself, and most importantly I didn't have time to say goodbye to my baby.

My family, friends, and the man that I love so dearly are completely NOT knowing how to deal with me, or how to help me. I feel like everyone is trying to either figure out how to deal with me, or they are just there (More less) feeling guilty for me; so that's why they are around. I feel like they are doing it more for themselves.

The man I love and whom I have cared for for such a long period of time, is so selfish that even when I call him crying at night....he doesn't answer; and will tell me the next day that he is busy with his nephews (Who are precious as well), but it just hurts. It hurts because the VERY few people I have turned too... Keep letting me down. NOW! I mean, I don't want no one to baby me, but I find it so very selfish of him and a friend who I have always been there to just treat me that way.

They see that this is my most horrible time in my life, and they are more concerned about having to deal with me than to really just be there for me.

I miss my daughter so much that I just pray to God to let me die. There is no point for me to go on right now. There is no hope and there is no happiness anymore.

Please someone help me. Please.

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I never come on here, but just decided to do so, and now I feel like I was meant to for you. My sister lost a little girl named Shyloh at 16 months old during a heart transplant. The desolation is almost unbearable. I was caught up in grieving myself and watching her go through it was the hardest time inmy life. That has been 19 years ago, and I still can feel how cold it was that night when I think about. My sister has come a long way and tht feeling of hopelessness can come even years later, but it will not stay as long as in the beginning. You need to find something to keep you busy while the time passes and you will learn to put it somewhere safe in your heart and open it when you want to revisit those memories. Your daughter would not want her mom to feel so bad all the time. Think of her with joy and remember her for the angel she is. Be happy for the time you were given to know her and love her. My heart goes out to you and I hope you can find some peace with your life as the time will lessen the stregth of the memory that is bad.

sister in Crist

God is the only one who gives life and he is the only one who takes life. Join a prayer group in your church. Go to a healing mass. He is the one and only one who can save you. God Bless You.


So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost a close friend and teacher to cancer a year ago and I still think of her every day and randomly break out crying over it.

I found this book that helped: the grief recovery handbook by James and Friedman

It is never too late to process the grief. I found this book to be very honest and actually helpful. For example, you don't have to pretend to feel better just excuse you think you should and you think people are tired of eating about it. If you are in pain, then that is fine - don't pretend otherwise.


I to am sorry for your loss. I know your pain my husband and I lost our 16 year old son in a car accident.
I was diagnosed P.S.T.D. (Post Stress Traumatic Disorder), by my N.P. ( nurse Practitioner) had prescribed me Xanax, which I have taken for at least 4 years.

I now have recently stop taking them, and have have prayed to Jesus to take this bondage of drug from me.

I did some research and found that (Amino Acids GABA Relaxer) has been helping me with not only the withdrawal of the medication xanax, but also with my high anxiety and panic disorder, it also helps with insomnia.

But in all due respect for the memories of your daughter, please try and find a meeting called Compassionate Friends, it's a support group I went to after my son's passing.
C.F. is a well known support group for parents, grandparents, etc. who have lost a child.

No one can understand us better then one parent to another who knows your pain of loss. I believe the drugs we take for our panic attacks,anxiety are just a way of numbing us...and that's not healthy for you or myself.

I will pray that there will be a Compassionate Friends Chapter meeting in your area where you live.
And that God will lead you there.

Well I hope this comment has been of some help. By the way this is my first day and night I haven't taken a xanax, and by God's Grace this will be a beginning journey of his LIGHT. :)

Remember GABA!!!

God Speed. :)

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