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I am someone who is in severe manic depression right now in my life. My little eleven year old angel (Whom) was my only child passed away 35 days ago. I am having a very difficult time in how to cope with this, and I think my panic attacks are even more unbearable because my precious little girl left me so unbelievably sudden. I didn't have time to prepare myself, and most importantly I didn't have time to say goodbye to my baby.

My family, friends, and the man that I love so dearly are completely NOT knowing how to deal with me, or how to help me. I feel like everyone is trying to either figure out how to deal with me, or they are just there (More less) feeling guilty for me; so that's why they are around. I feel like they are doing it more for themselves.

The man I love and whom I have cared for for such a long period of time, is so selfish that even when I call him crying at night....he doesn't answer; and will tell me the next day that he is busy with his nephews (Who are precious as well), but it just hurts. It hurts because the VERY few people I have turned too... Keep letting me down. NOW! I mean, I don't want no one to baby me, but I find it so very selfish of him and a friend who I have always been there to just treat me that way.

They see that this is my most horrible time in my life, and they are more concerned about having to deal with me than to really just be there for me.

I miss my daughter so much that I just pray to God to let me die. There is no point for me to go on right now. There is no hope and there is no happiness anymore.

Please someone help me. Please.

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Please don't hurt yourself. Although I can only imagine your pain, just think how your loved ones will suffer without you. They will also experience a great deal of guilt. I am so very sorry for your loss, I can only imagine how horribly painful this must be for you, in losing a child. I know that has to be the greatest pain ever, and I truly hope someone will step up, and take care of you, and make sure you will make it through this, and be okay. I know depression, and anxiety. I've had it for about six months after my husband left me and my two children with nothing, while I am ill,no job, and on disability. I never knew how much one could hurt. It is very very painful. And unless one has gone through the pain. It is hard to explain. I wish I could wipe the pain away for you. Please, seek help. Keep looking and looking until you find someone who can help you. I know this cannot be easy for you.I know sometimes you just want to crawl in a corner and die, but I do believe time heals. It may take a long long time, but you are worth it, hang in there. Take care, and God bless you!


Hi, I am a born agian christian! I ONLY want to share what is true I also was faced with anxiety for many years, but I have realized that my panack attacks seemed to come from worry, stress and loss of sleep...because, If you ask yourself what are you afraid of?, you really don't know, do you? I have done research on this matter and even the experts know themselves that it's a chemical inbalance or stress . But they're not sure how to treat it, so they put you on zanax or any other drug that well calm your nerves as long as you take it, but can become addictive with time. I didn't want this for myself, so Well, I want you to know GOD's in controll. Let me explain, most people with this disorder don't even know where the sudden fear comes from... and feel thier about to lose control. Listen I'm not a doctor but GOD is and I also have been faced with this same delema just like you. I leared this from an expert who really knows you and me better than we do. (READ ON NEXT COMMENT)

I CARE Continued

(I CARE) CONTINUED: I know God IS the best physician. You don't need to suffer with dabiletating fear. When your body loses sleep over lifes worries it takes a toll on the mind, experts call this anxiety. Now add hour of sleepess nights to more hours of sleepless nights and see what happens. Your own mind can't take it! WHY because you thought TOO much about work, kids, family problems, finances and now you can't sleep. GOD says don't worry for about life what you eat, wear,drink or body...(Matt. 6:25) Can you change your circumstance by worring? No, niether can I, why worry. HE (GOD) is saying get some sleep. CONTINUED


I really feel for u n tell u that i m here. I hv two children n would b devastated if it happened. I understand. If u r religious, trust that nothing is impossible with God... Talk to him anytime if d day n know he is there n things will fall into place! I know from personal experiences. Also i hv just discovered about Angel card messages n i find alot of comfort in them... Angels r truly there although many people jest about it n are optimistic!! I m still in d process of knowing more about it but together with a pendulum which provides truth in our innate self, i find some comfort.... Explore more about them before engaging in anything... Speak to a counsellor who can help in more ways than one... Engage in social groups or new activities to take your mind off n If u need a friend to talk to.... U can find me on facebook!!! All will b well! Take care! Carol


walk in faith, keep your head up and believe in only the truth, i know its been a short amount of time since your beloved left her physical self but i know that it probably feels like yesterday. her memory lives on in your heart and no thing can ever change that unless you allow it to. you are strong beyond measure and beautiful beyond words. let her spirit and energy radiate through you. peace be with you my dear as you walk in a bubble of blessings.


This story really touched me. I am only 22 years old and I am dealing with 100s of health probs. muscle spasms, gerd, palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, and a lot more and I have a little beautiful little daughter and she is the only reason I have not given up in life..... So I know your pain I am a single father that is going threw so many health prob. I can't even work to provide my daughter with the things she wants or need and that breaks my heart alone. I am so sorry and will pray for you.


God has a plan for all of us. And though at a time like this i know its one of the last things you want to hear. Know that life will get better.

I too lost someone very close to me a few years ago and went through situations with friends and my partner as you are now.

I failed to recognise at that time i should have turned to my Lord and Saviour for help. I struggled for years to cope, but finally I can say I feel free and more myself after regaining my relationship with my Lord.

Have faith, even at time of grief. Look to the Lord for strength and courage. He is ever ready to listen. And most importantly know that you are not alone and that things will get better, even if it means it will take some time.

God Bless you!

Abhijeet Kokane


I am really sorry for the loss you have endured and I know how bad it must feel. One thing that can help you here is Homeopathy. Consult an experienced Homeopath as early as posible and he may be able to treat you totally on this.
Hope god gives you the strength nd all the best.
Kind regards,
Abhijeet Kokane


OMG Im so sorry for your lost..I haven't been evaluated yet but I've been having these crazy symptoms & when I did my research everything listed on the site I've been getting. Its a horrible feeling & I really wish it can go away for good. I wish I can help you. My grandfather passes away in January and since then Ive been feeling the way I do. Its tough but you have to have faith & GOD & say to yourself this will pass & you will feel better. Im trying to seek help myself but if you need to chat to someone I will give you my email GOD BLESS YOU!!


I'm sorry for ur lost one ur angel she's in a better place hun keep ur head high there r a lot of people that went through the same thing
I'm going through anxiety attacks bad too all day long soo I slleep it off if u ever need someone to talk to I'm here my name is Vanessa at 845-2409967

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