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I am someone who is in severe manic depression right now in my life. My little eleven year old angel (Whom) was my only child passed away 35 days ago. I am having a very difficult time in how to cope with this, and I think my panic attacks are even more unbearable because my precious little girl left me so unbelievably sudden. I didn't have time to prepare myself, and most importantly I didn't have time to say goodbye to my baby.

My family, friends, and the man that I love so dearly are completely NOT knowing how to deal with me, or how to help me. I feel like everyone is trying to either figure out how to deal with me, or they are just there (More less) feeling guilty for me; so that's why they are around. I feel like they are doing it more for themselves.

The man I love and whom I have cared for for such a long period of time, is so selfish that even when I call him crying at night....he doesn't answer; and will tell me the next day that he is busy with his nephews (Who are precious as well), but it just hurts. It hurts because the VERY few people I have turned too... Keep letting me down. NOW! I mean, I don't want no one to baby me, but I find it so very selfish of him and a friend who I have always been there to just treat me that way.

They see that this is my most horrible time in my life, and they are more concerned about having to deal with me than to really just be there for me.

I miss my daughter so much that I just pray to God to let me die. There is no point for me to go on right now. There is no hope and there is no happiness anymore.

Please someone help me. Please.

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I came accross this letter and I can't seem to stop crying...I really do feel for you. I know its been a while now since you lost your little girl, but it may seem so recent. It will all be ok, and I pray that today you are better and that you live each day of your life healthy and with only possitive thought, your daughter would have wanted that.


Just pray....pray now! Take a long - long walk....breathe, cry...let it all out to God. Ask for peace from God. Even if you do not understand what it is to pray....just do it. God will bless you with peace...he will never stop listening to you & will not interupt you. You can do this!!!! You can whisper to God every morning for strength. Go to a bible based church.....I know someone will reach out to you. In the book of Proverbs in the bible there is a verse 'lean on not your own understanding' keep crying out to the Lord. I walk & pray most mornings....I cherish this time. I do not know you.....I will pray for you. I am so very sorry for your loss...your writing touched my heart.


My dear lady and woman of God. I will keep this simple for you. Iam a christian man. Single, never married and no children. I have 13 nieces and nephews and it blows me away i have no kids of my own by now. But when you get hurt by someone and in my case quite a few but i havent dated in over a year. I realized long ago a woman in my life will not fill the void that i have had and continue to have but every day gets easier. I cant even imagine losing a child loving my nieces and nephews so much. I truly am sorry for your loss and like i said iam a christian man that is striving to be closer and closer to Him so iam saying this. If you feel led to you may call me. I will pray for you over the phone for my life and yours and your daughters and the man you love. It helps me to help others especially when iam hurting so even if you do not call me i will begin to pray for you tonight for Gods beautiful Holy spirit to hold you and allow you to feel His heart that breaks for you now in this season of pain. God bless you dear woman. Like i said if you are led to please call me any time night or day it doesnt matter. You matter to me because God is the only thing in this world i know i can depend on so stand before the throne of Grace with me and together we will usher in the Holy Spirit to break that yoke of bondage in you and forever preserve the beauty and love for your daughter.My number is 937-450-6940 and my name is Nathan. Yes my dad got my name out of Gods word from Nathan the prophet. Its a work in progress for me for that kind of Gods annointing . I do hope to hear from you. Regardless...iam praying for you now.

J dogg

I am sorry for your loss, I am not a mother but I am the youngest of 7 children and I lost my mother at 16 and had alot of my family turn their back on me, needless to say drinking and working non stop was only a temp. Way not to come to reality, I'm 24 now and my father just pasted away a few months ago and I have always had bad anxiety and it keeps getting worse, and some days will be very bad, but please trust me that your little girl wouldn't want you putting yourself through this, it hurts now and it won't get better but it will be easier to deal with, your boyfriend might not know how to deal with death especially hitting so close to home give him time. Just keep reminding yourself that you are a strong woman and you can get through it, cry when you need to but what I really recommend is whether you are religious or not, talk to your daughter, she is there with you, she is listening. Trust me talking to them really help sometimes, with anxiety and the hurt....


I am so sorry tht you are surronded by so many selfish people I have been in ur situation with the loss of my mother and felt as if there was no point, but God always has a plan for us. You have to learn to be there for you try going to group therapy support groups dont feel like if you are in this world alone because you are not. We have difficulties that we must face and part of those difficulties are dealing with difficult people. I am so sorry for your loss i cant even imagine ur pain, but get the proper help to help you through this pain.


Its sad to hear about your daughters passing. I have lost alot of people in my life, but never a child. I have five kids and if I were to lose one of them, especially at such a young age I wouldn't know what I would do. All I can say is that prayer helps to get you through alot. Are you someone who is currently going to church. Its sad that you feel alone. I don't know if the person you spoke about is the biological father of your child, but if he is and he hasn't been there for you mentally, p


i am so sorry for you, i cant even try to imagine. be strong. adam. x

Chris Lowry

Reading your post absolutely makes my heart break for you. I have discovered over the years, those that have not experience this, do not know how to react to those of us that have had to deal with this. I to, had a daughter pass away a few years ago. There is nothing anyone can say that will make you feel better. The people that are there need to understand that we need them around us. We need to talk about it, no matter how uncomfortable it is for them. If they truly care, that is what we need from them. Let us talk. I think others think that we want them to pull a trick out of their hat. That is not what we want from them. The message others need to get from this, we need you there, whether you talk to us or not.


i am horribly sorry for your loss. my dear cousin madelynn passed away of cancer at 5. her mother was coping with her lose about the same way. everyone was insensitive and she was lost without her daughter. She did get better along the way. just keep telling yourself you will see her soon in heaven or whatever you belive you will be in your afterlife. but belive me it WILL get better. Sorry for your loss...

Jackie Rodriguez

Dear belove friend. it is hard and difficult that you loss your daughter.But it is also important that you take care of yourself because only the lord knows what you are suffering now. God almighty has a purpose for everyone on earth. Seek jesus christ in your life more that your sorrow will turn into joy. Remember we are here for a short period of time we all need belong to him. We all neeed comforting, attention and love but the only who can heal that wound is Jesus nobody else. Remember he died for all of us on the cross and was severely mistreated. With all this that I am saying to you is that jesus cares about you and what you have gone through He will give you peace and comfort. Allow Jesus Christ to help you on those areas you are facing with family and friends. He is the way, truth and life. Call upon him and he will respond to you. He will never leave you of forsake you.
A caring friend

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