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I am someone who is in severe manic depression right now in my life. My little eleven year old angel (Whom) was my only child passed away 35 days ago. I am having a very difficult time in how to cope with this, and I think my panic attacks are even more unbearable because my precious little girl left me so unbelievably sudden. I didn't have time to prepare myself, and most importantly I didn't have time to say goodbye to my baby.

My family, friends, and the man that I love so dearly are completely NOT knowing how to deal with me, or how to help me. I feel like everyone is trying to either figure out how to deal with me, or they are just there (More less) feeling guilty for me; so that's why they are around. I feel like they are doing it more for themselves.

The man I love and whom I have cared for for such a long period of time, is so selfish that even when I call him crying at night....he doesn't answer; and will tell me the next day that he is busy with his nephews (Who are precious as well), but it just hurts. It hurts because the VERY few people I have turned too... Keep letting me down. NOW! I mean, I don't want no one to baby me, but I find it so very selfish of him and a friend who I have always been there to just treat me that way.

They see that this is my most horrible time in my life, and they are more concerned about having to deal with me than to really just be there for me.

I miss my daughter so much that I just pray to God to let me die. There is no point for me to go on right now. There is no hope and there is no happiness anymore.

Please someone help me. Please.

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I have not lost a child in reality, but i have in dreams at night. Thats different, i know... However, i have the sleeping disorder called NARCOLEPSY, so my drwams are VERY vivid, real, and many times i have sleeping paralyais and cataplexy mixed in so i cant wake myself up. Nothing seems like it could ever hurt as bad as seeing your child hurt, in pain, or dying in front of you. I cant honestly say that i know how id deal with that nightmare really coming true. All i know is that ive woken up balling for hours, just due to the dream, so my heart goes out to you more then you know.
Theres been some really great, very sincere advice on here, and i pray that you are able to feel the love. There truly is a time for every seaspn, even if we dont inderstand why something happens like it does. Maybe your lifes calling is to help others who have experienced what you have, so Gods trying to express His love and atrength through even us strangers....your life has a purpose. Dont let her death have been in vain. Start a group, get the therapy you need, seek God, and let the light of your daughters life be reflected in you. You DO need to allow Gods peace to heal you, and of course find out if it is ptsd, etc. There are so many grps out there to help you. Then maybe even combine with someone else and start a group for ppl dealing with things youve overcome, and that youre currently going through. Theres a reason, even if we dont like it or agree with it...but you need to think on the good and bring this devestation you feel to His royal feet. Let Him direct you and heal u. Let God turn your pain into something posirive and good that will shine light and hope in the lives of others who have or will have experienced such an awful tragedy. Will pray Gods arms surround you and His presence and peace envelope every tear. Youre loved!


My deepest hug to you. May God bless you.


Hi, I know that its been months since you've made this post. I've been searching some immediate relief of anxiety attacks when I came upon this. I hope you're feeling a lot better now, and if not, you will get there trust me. When I was in the 5th grade, one of my close friends suddenly died. My friends and I, and even her parents did not get the chance to say goodbye. But, there is still hope after such a hard time. You have to always remember that you are not alone. Its been years since my friend passed away and her parents are doing great now. It does make things more complicated when the people closest to you aren't actually helping. I know what that feels like. And I know how hard it is to get yourself to a better place when such horrible things happen. Just know that even if the people closest to you aren't helping, there is always somebody out there that will. I don't know you, but I believe that you will make it through. Its a long process, but have faith. Have faith that you will get better. Hope you're doing better now and that you only continue to get better in the future!


I am so sorry for your loss. I could not even begin to know the hurt you feel. There is a book by a pastor that also lost a son. It seems to be helping many people. The name of it is HOPE FOR HURTING HEARTS BY GREG LAURIE. It may help you as it has others.

Jenny from Tyler texas




I'm not even going to attempt to feel your loss! I just lost my dad, who was my hero. The only AND best answer I can offer is that you're praying the wrong prayer. Jesus is the only answer! I'm not being trite when I say this. Jesus probably won't take away the pain overnight; but, if you want a friend that will walk through it with you in true love and acceptance, He IS the answer. Believe me - He is real, true and will NEVER leave you!!!


dear i am so sorry about your baby girl the pain will always be there but you have her always with you in your heart and mind know that she is with god and is happy and would not won't you to be in pain but be happy maybe if you do something like working with kids in a hosiptal maybe that will give you some peace and call on god to help you on the days it is hard and know that she love you and always will if you like to talk more my email is and i will be there for you always the name is ann love you and good bless


I'm a pharmacist graduated overseas !
All problem can be solved by Jesus first +
medication (nothing wrong with that )+ know the purpose of your life !! And keep going !
All I can tell you that you are a strong person so god gave you that heavy burden !
But you are going to be even stronger when you get through the most difficult time in you life !
Please : open the bible and with a simple faith ask Jesus to give you an answer !
Trust me you will find the answer for your pain !
Jesus loves you


I lost my 4-year-old daughter suddenly also, 8 years ago. There are no words to say that give this any meaning. I remember thinking I will never be happy again. But you go on, you learn how to live with it. You never forget, you never get over it, but you go on because you just do. Don't give up.



I am so moved by your story. First of all, you need to love yourself more than you love the selfish man who is not there for you. I too used to love selfish men, but I have put a stop to it by loving myself more than to put up with someone not worthy of my love. Do what you would want your daughter to have done. Be strong and positive that there is a reason for everything. These occurrences are out of our control. However, God loves you and your daughter and he wants you to live and continue to love.

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