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T. Powers

If your toenail gets really thick and yellow, it is a form of fungus.
Take a nail file and run it over the surface of the toenail. Rub it both horizontally and laterally to make uneven grooves in the top of the nail.
Then rub Vick's Vapor Rub into the top of the toenail. The grooves will help keep the Vick's on the toenail. Do this for several days/nights in a row as often as you can.
The Eucalyptus in the Vick's will kill the fungus on the nail faster than any store-bought anti-fungal available !

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So I promised I would post back on my status and hope people are using this remedy cause it works!!!! I have been using a c combination of VICKS evening and am, and a lysol concentrate soack for 2 weeks now and my nail is like new. It used to be raised, white, dried out and would never seem to grow. It would always crack and peel before it ever got a chance to grow. It is amazing how clear it is now. Here is what I did. I used 1 cap of Lysol (HAS to be concentrate. Comes in a small brown bottle with yellow label.) to 1 gallon of water. Mix them both in a basin and sook your toes or entire foot for 20 minutes. I did this 3 times a week. Then every night would cake my entire toenail (including the cuticle bed) with Vicks then cover with a bandaid. I will again post back in a few weeks with another status. This REALLY works!!!!!


Submitted by Mary at 2009-07-22 21:36:02 from <br>
I'm back, I tried lysterine and the vicks at night. I did this religously for a week. Then started to do it only 3 times a week. Now I just soak my toes in lysterine once in a while. No more vicks. But my nails look better. My nails were not bad. Just a bit yellow and no thickening. Hopefully, this will solve my problem.


Hi All!

My dad has been using the Listerine treatment on his feet since we were kids. I would recommend swabbing it or using a cotton ball liberally with it on your toes. I really don't think 1) you need Listerine brand (store brand still has thymol in it and this is a powerful anti-microbial essential oil from plants like thyme). A huge bottle of this is only $3.99 usually- CVS, Wegman's, Rite-Aid, whatever is the same and costs a lot less. This is also great for athletes foot too. The army tells people to piss on their feet in the shower and this helps to keep the fungi away. I am going to try the Vicks because my nails are splitting after being in Africa for 8 months.


Oh yeah, and I DO NOT recommend bleach as this is a powerful and poisonous chemical and can cause damage to your tissue.


My two big toes have been yellowing for about 6 months. Today I started the treatment. I soaked my feet in generic Listerine (I had the blue kind) for about 20 minutes. My toes are slightly blue, but who cares if it gets rid of the fungus. Then I applied generic VVR liberally over my big toes and put on socks. If I don't wear socks during the day, I'll put bandaids over the VVR. I'll do it twice a day and will report back with my results - as soon as I see any! I want to wear sandals again without nail polish!


dont listen to the people who have said they've cured their toenail fungus in 3 weeks--it comes back, but their corrected comments never show up anywhere. I've had it for 2 years. I think I know how to cure it if its possible with these home remedies. However, some of the things I've been doing certainly give the appearance of a cure, but may not cure it unless you are unceasing over a period of 6-9+ months. In the beginning I recommend soaking your feet in warm/hot water & teaspoon of bleach(or hydrogen peroxide if you prefer) for 7-10-14 days twice a day/15-20 min each soaking. During this period you will notice the fungus going away followed by a die-off that will turn the entire nail area a blush color. Sometime after a final die off, you should choose to forego the bleach soak.(a teaspoon of bleach or less in a shallow bucket...adjust to suit). Then you want to emory board or sand your nail down and apply vicks vaporub twice daily, morning and night. Alternatively you could have sanded your nails down before the bleach soak.
This will keep it under control for the next 3-6 months as your toe nail grows out clearer and healthy.. I say keep it under control, because more than likely you'll be lax, you wont sand the nail down anymore, you won't occassionally soak with bleach anymore....and it will come back with some slight nicotine stain look on your nail some months later--maybe 6 months later. Now its time to get serious again.Repeat the above again, however, this time after sanding down your nail, it may be smart to start up a once weekly sand n' soak, light sanding of the nail once a week to maintain toenail permiability, soak/bleach---all of this once a week for 6 months or more, in addition to the twice daily vicks. If your smart, sometime during the middle of your treatment span, you may start applying teatree oil or or amoresse thymol twice daily under the nail to the best of your ability to effect a final kill off. Amoresse thymol and teatree oil are to be recommended for sure. Like I've said, Ive got 2+ years exp with this now. I've read everything on the internet in the home remedy arena. I'm an educated man in the science arena to include chemistry.
Forget all the other products that are marketed via webpages that knock Vicks Vaporub, etc. They are trying to sell you inferior goods. I even found one selling a product where a guy said that he got toe cancer from the Vicks Vaporub...if you believe that one, then spend the $$ on their product. Good day to you all and at the very least with Vicks you'll be controlling your toe nail fungus to the appearance of a cure and thats not all that bad afterall, especially for putting it on twice--night and day and its affordable.


Someone said:'Oh yeah, and I DO NOT recommend bleach as this is a powerful and poisonous chemical and can cause damage to your tissue.'/////////////////
Bleach is a good home remedy, its a sister chemical to hydrogen peroxide except its got an extra chlorine molecule in it. Its been used for over a 100 years in the home remedy realm. Nothing to fear here, unless you have a chronic lifetime problems, then use hydrogen peroxide daily for the rest of your life. Obviously doctors are not going to stock bleach for medical purposes Hydrogen Peroxide is medical grade and bleach is not. But people who dont know anything and are scared of anything but professional opinions , tend to mouth professional opinions and appear knowledgeable about something when doing so. Is bleach ever going to be used by a doctor?...NO!, but its an established and safe home remedy for many generations. Dont listen to the fraidy cats that dont know how to do anything or think for themselves. They only know how to mouth professional opinions that are lawsuit averse in nature. Is bleach the best thing in the world?...probably not. If your still scared then use Hydrogen Peroxide.


I'm reporting back after 4 weeks of listerine and VVR. My toes are much better. They aren't yellow anymore and new, white nails are coming in. I'll keep up the routine. I wore sandals without nail polish and my toes look fine.


Iv'e tried vicks and my nails got worse. Going to try tea tree oil now.


i do hope this works, i been dealing with nail polish as a cover up and an acrylic nail for the summer and i just want my healthy nail back. thanks for vicks suggestion i am trying it out and i will get back with my results. :)

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