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T. Powers

If your toenail gets really thick and yellow, it is a form of fungus.
Take a nail file and run it over the surface of the toenail. Rub it both horizontally and laterally to make uneven grooves in the top of the nail.
Then rub Vick's Vapor Rub into the top of the toenail. The grooves will help keep the Vick's on the toenail. Do this for several days/nights in a row as often as you can.
The Eucalyptus in the Vick's will kill the fungus on the nail faster than any store-bought anti-fungal available !

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I used Vicks on my toenail morning & night for 8 months, cleared it right up & a new nail grew right along with the healing process! I HIGHLY recommend this method - its been 4 yrs & its not come back. GOOD LUCK!!


I've been using Vicks and I'm really, really happy with the results so far...

My toenail fungus started in my big toe - at the top and spread towards the middle of the nail. It got to the point where my nail split and it was yellow and gross underneath.

I clipped as much of the toenail off that I could, exposing my nail bed and cleaned it really well. I then applied a thick coating of Vicks and put a bandaid over it. I am doing this in the morning and at night.

After 3 weeks my fungus has all but disappeared! My nail is not yellow, my toe seems to be healing and the nail that is growing back (so far) is white and healthy looking! Whoooo hooo!

I didn't think I would see much as far as results - let alone this fast!

Highly worth a try IMO!

Gwen Gwaltney

After I told my peditrist about hearing so many people testify to the fact that Vick's Vapor Rub worked to eleviate fungus,he commented,'It may work on skin fungus, but it will not work on your toenail. ' Instead of getting the prescription filled, I tried the Vick's on my yellow,brittle,flaky toenail . I saw great improvement after two weeks, and after three months, my toenail is completely fungus free. Wow!


I have had toenail fungus for several years on my big toes. It was was so bad that it lifted my toe nail up and made them look pointed in the middle from the thickness of the fungus, plus yellow, thick and brittle...YUCKY!! When summer would come, I hid the fungus under nail polish, but they were still pointed :(
Three nights ago I was sitting here at my computer, and the thought came to me to look on the internet for home remedies for this. I found this site :)THANK YOU JESUS!!! The miracle here is, I had a jar of Vicks Vapor rub in my medicine chest...don't know where it came from, or when I bought it. I have been using it for 3 nights now applied to a bandaid before bed. I am amazed!!! My toenails are flattening out, and so much clearer after only 3 days. I can only imagine how great they are going to look after however long this treatment takes...not long from what I am seeing already. Thank you for who ever found this remedy!!!!


I have had a problem with toe nail fungus for about 5 years. As many others have testified, i tried everything and even asked my doctor what he would recomend. Each medicine was so strong with side effects that could damage my liver. So when i came across this remedy i try it,and three weeks later i have seen the most improvement on my toe's than any other over the counter products used. I highly recomend this.


Update on toenail fungus. I used the Vicks Vapor Rub for about two weeks. It got to a point where it seemed to stop working, but improvement was great for the two weeks. I ordered Leucatin which has all natural ingrediants, including the tea tree oil. It's in topical and a natural ingrediant pill to take with the topical. It's rather expensive, but when you have something as unsightly as toenail fungus, it's worth any price. So far it is working fantastic, and the fungus is about gone with using it for only 5 days.


OK... I'm gonna try it on my big toe tonight and will post back when I see results..... stay tuned.. tried the oregano with no results...


Stop bullshitting everyone! There is no cure for toenail fungus ask any doctor. The reason the doctors prescibe Lamisil and crap like that is because they get kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies that make the junk. THERE IS NO CURE FOR TOENAIL OR FINGERNAIL FUNGUS OR NOBODY WOULD BE SUFFERING WITH IT!


I used a bleach/water solution every day for two weeks, after filing the toenails down as far as I could, including the surface. I took only about a month before the fungus seemed to die off. After that I repeated the treatment once a week. Now, after 4 months, I have 1/4 inch of healthy nail bed, and I continue to trim the dead nail as it grows out. I still soak my nails in bleach and water about every two weeks, just to make sure the fungus does not return. It works!


For those of you that say toenail fungus cannot be cured, you haven't tried the bleach method. Of course, you have to be careful about how much bleach per water you use, but it won't take you long to figure it out. Too much bleach and your toes turn red. You can actually feel the fungus dying as you soak your toes!

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