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I got ringwqorms about 4 weeks ago. I looked up this site and found all this info so I tried everything. Lol. Literally I've spent about 80 bucks on stuff. So ill start at the begining. When I realized I had one they had spead from my breast (on and under and on my stomach. Being overweight is a huge disadvantyage btw. So I automatically start with antifungal cream which after one day didn't do anytrhing and I'm very impatint so the next day I go buy tea tree oil. This works if u can stan the smell. Being that I was veryt ancious to get rid of these things I applied tto every few hours. Needless to say my husbend said I smelled like roach poison so I got iodine. Which cleared up my infestation in two daysd. Now this was a very minor case and didn't itch,burn,or bother me. With all my excitement I stoped applying iodine and moved on. I was ringworm free. Or so I thought. Ringworms are a fungi and trherefore thrive in hot moist areas so complaments of louisiana heat and my sweating and not applying anything to the one affected areas I,within two days, was reinfested with the mothe load of ringworms in the same areas but more and they spread to my back,but, and neck. So that's when I bought every tratment lknow to man. My itching and burning was horriffic and almost untolarable. So once again I had no patience. I used antifungal soap by fungi cure twice to three times a day,I also soaked in epson salt once a day and bleach water once a day(a cup of bleach to a reg bath), lotramin,lamisil,and tanactin cream,sprays,and powders. The name of the game is to stay as dry as possible. I did all this for a vigoris week in which I still applied iodine and tto in between med applications. I'm still applying cream and powders to the areas but all is well and this time they won't be back!

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Soaking in water will increase the contaminated area. In fact that is one of the main ways it spreads, through water...swimming eg..
Shower and use your anti fungal spray three times a day for two weeks just as it says on the bottle.
Ring worm is not a worm and so typical treatment for worms will not work.

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