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I found out that I have GW. Last February, I made a horribly stupid mistake. At a weak moment I accidently slept with my ex husband. I had no idea that he gave me the virus until very recently.
After the shock and anger eased up a little I knew I had to do something to get him, and this virus out of my life forever.
So naturally I hit the internet looking for ways to get ridof the warts. I was treated by the doctor when she found them. She used a wart removing solution, that turned them white, and it was extreemly painful. She told me that in a few days they would fall off, and I would probably need to be treated again. Well, she was right. However, I have an extreemly busy schedule, and I just dont have the time to sit in a doctors waiting room. After reading so much about apple cider vinegar, I decided to try it. I also started taking a multi vitamin, enchinacia, and vitamin c. Last night I started the ACV treatment. at first it didnt burn at all, I thought everyone was exagerating. What it did do, is reveal that I had a bigger problem than I originally thought. I thought I only had 2 warts. It turns out I have a cluster of them that covers my entire perineum. This really reveals the evil nature of this thing. You may have them, and never see them because they are the same color as your skin, and theyre flat. So this really sucks, but knowing they are there is the first step to making them gone.
They began to bleed after a little while, which I read was normal, and actually a positive sign that they are being effected by the ACV.
But it burns. It burned so bad, it made my stomach hurt. I thought I was going to throw up. I barely slpet last night because it was so painful. I read that you are advised to sleep with the ACV soaked cottan ball on the area, but I couldnt take it. In fact I hardly slept at all last night.
This morning I took my vitamins again, and repeated the soaked cotton ball procedure. Altho it still really hurt, I was able to leave the cotton ball in place for about 2 hours, and get myself together for work.
The warts so far appear to have changed. I'm not sure if they are smaller, but they have changed from a white color yesterday, toa brownish yellow today. I will ofcourse continue to repeat this and hopefully they will go away.
Ive been reading that some people have instant success with this. I dont think that will happen for me. I think its best to see this with an open mind. It hurts. It sucks. Its embarrasing, and ugly, and i feel so ashamed.
But to you, whoever is reading this: you made a mistake, and we all make mistakes. Remember that our self worth is not measured by the magnitude of our failures, but in the heroic way we pick ourselves back up again. Lets use this as a wake up call, and be thankful that is isnt HIV. Now is the time to take care of your body, and for the love of god, dont sleep with your slutty whore of an ex husband ever again.

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I had a similar situation, where a large region of my scrotum was covered in warts that I had no idea were there. Speaking from personal experience, I would definitely recommend being very patient when dealing with this problem. I got 2nd degree burns all over my scrotum/penis area after aggressively treating with ACV (keeping soaked cotton balls on the area overnight and during the day for a few days). I would NOT recommend doing this. If you're at the stage where they are changing color, I would actually recommend that you take a break from the treatment for at least a day, maybe two-you would be surprised at the delayed response your body has to the treatment. I found that the top layers of skin would just peel off and new skin would form underneath if I kept the area dry (covered with some sort of bandage). After a few days of healing, if the warts are still there they will be smaller and more manageable. I would repeat this procedure then until they are all gone. It may take longer than you expected-all these people who say they got rid of their warts in a matter of days either had a very minimal infection or are full of bs. I have been treating mine for about a month now after discovering a VERY extensive infection, and am finally getting great results after several setbacks-both of which were caused by me overdoing the procedure and getting bad burns, which caused it to spread. Anyway, just wanted to offer some helpful advice. Bottom line is be patient and pay attention to your body-it's going to be painful, but if it hurts so much that you're going to be sick you probably need to take a break. Most importantly, remain positive-you can conquer this! Good luck!


This has been a learning experience. I recently started on the dating scene and had one sexual partner in a year. About 8 months later I found an area on my right labia majoria that looked like little white seeds, kind of in a circle, for a month it never even occured to me it could be a wart, and then I freaked out. I was shocked, devasted, felt dirty, etc.

Anyway I used ACV on it. I put it on a cotton ball and applied it every night for 3 nights. It burned like hell, then I would get used to it. It burned off the warts and the surrounding skin. I applied a duoderm to cover the skin and it healed in about 1 week. This was in July and they haven't returned. They never turned black or anything like other people said, maybe because I over did it.

I also started taking Vit C, multi vit, garlic, enchirrea, olive leaf, A, E, zinc, 800mg of Tagamet and lysine.

In Aug I had a gyno appointment. She told me that a little white spot I had on my labia was a wart. That spot had been there for years and neither I nor my husband had any warts. So I let her start treating it with TCA, that is not doing much except making it more noticeable, peeling off the surrounding skin. I also noticed I have more white spots. I never used to shave and had just started, now I wonder if I spread them or just noticed them. If this was a wart then I wonder if it has just kicked in now or did I pick up a new strain with my new partner?

So then I had my pap done, which came back showing lsil. We did an hpv test and it was negative for high risk hpv. They don't test for low risk. They did a biopsies before we got the hpv test back. Since then I have broken out with a few warts, I wonder if the biopsy could have started it?

At this same time, I broke out with a bad case of hemmorrhoids. I felt a strange bump on my anus, but my gyno said it was a skin tag. I also broke out in what I thought was a rash due to all the medicines I was putting on my hemmorrhoids. These bumps were on my buttocks right my my rectum whre is was so raw from the hemmorrhoid treatment. They where little white pimple things, and the head would flick off easily. After about a month, they decided maybe they were warts and started to treat with TCA. She is kind of sloppy with it and just smears it on and then lets the other skin touch it. They still haven't gone away, just smaller. I finally cut the one on my anus off with scissors and it hasn't returned. I am putting tea tree oil on the others, and I think they are looking better.

Then I developed one on my labia minora, and the left side of my hood.These were small and pink. The TCA seems to work better on this more sensitive tissue.

I have also tried Wartol. I spray it under my tongue and on the warts. I don't see anything change with this. I think it is a rip off, and it is expensive. I have heard that Thuga oil works for warts and this is an ingredient in Wartol, so I might buy Thuga oil on it's own.

When will this all end?


Thank you so much for that. I have never told anyone of my condition except the guy I've slept with, hoping for some support, but he is not even concerned with what would happen to me, the asshole. I'm 24, and he was the third guy I had contact with and this condition is embarrassing and makes me feel low and I can't even tell anyone. I went to the gyne, I was treated with Aldara a few times, then she said to observe it for a while. But its still there and I'm so bothered. Your post made me feel so much better, and I will try to do the same with my condition, hoping it would improve.

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