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So I had Angular Cheilitis on one corner of my mouth for about three months before I found this remedy. Before I had taken prescription medicine and it didn't work. I had tried all sorts of things such as letting it dry out and keeping chapstick on it. I was getting really embarrassed and sick of nothing working.

Anyway, so this is what I did. I purchased Lotrimin AF (antifungal), Polysporin, and Nature's Bounty Super B-complex daily vitamins. Probably about $25 in all. I cleaned out the corner of my mouth with plain water and then dried it completely. I rubbed in the Lotrimin, making sure to get it in all the crevices. Immediately after, I coated it with the Polysporin. I probably did this every morning and night and about five times during the day. After 24 hours, the skin was starting to heal. After 48, it was mostly gone. I'm not sure if the B-complex vitamin helped or not; I was just desperate to get rid of it, so I decided to cover all of my bases. I eat nutritional meals so I doubt the vitamin had much of an impact, in my case anyway.

Basically, I am thrilled with how this remedy turned out. I know exactly what to do if this condition reappears. Hope this helps.

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