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I have had swimmer's ear all week (been too busy to look up how to properly fix it, until today).

After looking up some remedies on here, I recalled the old remedy my mother used to use, which was simple Olive Oil on some kleenex (or cotton ball if that suits your fancy).

I can see how the rubbing alcohol or vinegar might work, given that swimmer's ear is a bacterial infection that causes the inflammation (so no, people, there is *no* actual 'water' that is 'stuck' in your ear).

This site seems to recommend vinegar, though:

National Center for Biotechnology Information (web link does not work when posted here, so best to google them, adding 'swimmer's ear' to your query).

I just tried my left ear with the Olive Oil and it worked like a charm. Within about 5mins it seemed to want to clog up again, so I took a Q-tip and cleaned it out gently. That seemed to fix things on a much longer level for the time being.

My right ear is currently being difficult, so I may go with the alcohol (or vinegar) in it.

I am thankful that at least I have some oil in my right ear to (hopefully) help soothe the sting.

Cheers and thanks again to everyone for all your help,


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About the part where theres no water stuck in your ear, I have it right now and a couple nights ago, the second night it had been hurting, I woke up and my pillow was soaked from laying on my ear.


Yeah, some people really do get water stuck in their ears. The op is confusing ear infection with water in the ear. Getting water stuck in the ear is one way to get an ear infection, so ear infection can be the result, but for some people the problem is simply an ear clogged with water.


Ive used the warm oil technique every time.


I only feel swimmer's ear after i swim...That seems to indicate, to me, that, yes, water can and does get lodged in the inner ear. It goes away after a few days. My diet includes many anti-bacterial substances so I have never had an infection but simply slightly impaired hearing for a few days.


Yes water does get trapped in the ear,thats why you use the alcohal to dry the water up,you can actually feel the water swishing in there

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