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My ear was blocked for 7 straight days during a bad flu recently. I had to fly on a Saturday and knew that I couldn't do it with a clogged ear, so I woke up on Friday and threw 4 Ricola cough drops into a pot of water and boiled it. I put a towel over my head and held it in the steam until it got too cool. I repeated this for four pots of water, each time blowing my nose while boiling the next pot. Finally, after the fourth pot, I blew my nose while blocking the nostril of the normal ear and blew out the blockage in the affected ear. The ear had a hard time stabalizing and was popping like crazy and moving liquid through it. It would start to fill again pretty rapidly, so I went on the with steam and the nose blowing for another four or five pots of water. Finally, I left it alone and went to the gym. Several hours later, I could feel it start to drain on its own. It was still a little wet and sloppy when I got on the plane, and the pops were intense, but it all worked out fine. The key for me was boiling water- not the bathtub, not the steam room- and patience.

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Thanks -- makes sense,this is an old-time remedy, and certainly safe. I'm stuck with a clogged ear after an ear infection. I don't dare try too many things, but this I will.


And I was just wonedring about that too!

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