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I figured I would add my story as well because this website helped me SO much!! When I left the doctor yesterday, after going in for a routine physical, I felt like I was a whore or something, lol. I have slept with very few people but I still have been diagnosed with HPV. I asked her about the very small bumps on the outside of my vagina. I've noticed them for months, changed cleansers, changed detergent, even changed toilet paper... nothing helped. They aren't painful, they are just there...
My doctor gave me a cream called Aldara. I am to apply it 2 times a week and the doctor said it could take up to 4 MONTHS to work.... wow, 4 months....!!! I'm not with anyone right now therefor not having sex but I sure don't want to look at them, lol. So, I started looking at home remedies... Apple Cider Vinegar I thought about, crushed vitamin C I also thought about, and then I saw a post about lemon essential oil. Since I already have that I tried that, it's essentially the same idea as the Vitamin C. Citrus fruits have a huge amount of Vit c, therefor the oils do as well. So, last night I put a nice small layer of Lemon Essential oil around the outside of my vagina and when I got up this morning I already noticed a small difference. The already really small warts were a little bit smaller and the skin in general looked better, so I just got finished applying another layer. It doesn't burn, itches a tiny bit on areas of skin that may have been dry but nothing horrible. I'm going to continue doing this as well as the Rx cream and I'm very hopeful. I will also start taking a daily vitamin since these warts come around as the result of the immune system not being able to fight it off. And finally I will be getting the immunizations for the strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer. This has been a wake-up call for me, that no matter how careful you are in reference to sexual activity... you can still get this virus. It's time to protect myself and I hope this post helps you protect yourself to.
You can essential oils at an holistic or new age store. Make sure it's pure essential oil, not mixed with a base. Thank You and I wish you all the best of luck!

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Escential oil burnr like a hell I thought I was gona trow up the pain just a warnin

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