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Vinegar has always been tried and true for ear problems, but you definitely shouldn't put it in undiluted. Use 2 parts saline water to each part vinegar. And if you live near the ocean, substitute ocean water for saline water.

Then dab onto a q-tip/cottonswab and apply gently. For babies and kids use an ear bulb to pour a few drops in. Hold the head tilted for a minute, then tip out.

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This advice is right on. I had a prescription for Cipro which was suspended in a vinegar based liquid and ws most effective. The 2-1 mix suggested is just right it will burn any open wound you have but really just a quick 1 or 2 seconds so nothing to cry over. Even works on the related outer ear infection. Save your money and try this first!!


In addition i would add an anti-inflammitoryn regimen of aleve or motrin dependin on which worksnfor you in concert with the vinegar brew.


does this get rid of infections instantaneously?


this so worked.. my daughter is 5 and this is her first ear infection.. who ever came up with this one i love you for it.. Thanks!


worked for me! my ears were clogged for over a week! and the pain went away instantly.


Please do not use ocean water. Saline water, or make your own with purified ocean salt. Our oceans are not clean - bacteria, chemicals, oil and waste are floating around. The only ocean water that is pure is the dead sea in Israel.


This worked instantly on my four year old daughter. After I poured the mixture of vinegar an steril saline into her ear, in less then a minute, she said, 'mommy you saved my life' lol. She is no longer in pain!!!!


This has worked for me a relief of ear pain instantly and hopefully it heals of infection.


This doesn't work for an inner or middle ear infection. I tried it and it made it worse. At this point I'll try anything.

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