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I have had GH for about a year, had my first OB on my penis about 6 months ago. I have tried abreava and it did seem to help a little with my first OB. now I am having my 3rd OB and it has been a week and a half. the first week I tried the acetone thing and abreava which seemed to work in the past but this time not so much. I also take the mega doses of L-lysine 6000mg daily during an OB and 1000mg when not having an OB but it dosent seem to stop the OB as I have had 2 in about 6 weeks. This time when the abreava and acetone didnt seem to work I found this site. I tried cleaning the sores with iodine and then applying lemon balm and that seemed to help. Then I read things about asprine and also alum (used in pickling) so i tried the alum and that did help a little, so I figured try them all..... so I made my own ointment if you will. Put it on before bed and in the morning things were a lot better. the sores were dried up and some had little black scabs, but felt much better. so my ointment consisted of the following..... about a 1/2 teaspoon or alum, 1 1000mg L-lysine crushed up, then enough lemon balm to make a paste. then since the alum is line salt i but that in the microwave for about 10 seconds to heat it up an dissolve everything. after mixing it up so it was a consistent I added a little abreave. I then cleaned the sores with iodine, a little sting, but not bad, then applied my ointment. Not saying it will work for you, as I think that different treatments work better for some people then others, but it work for me. I wish you all luck. hope it helps.

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Since posting this I Have tried using tea tree oil and lemon balm. I first put the tea tree oil on the shaft of my penis when I feel a tingle. leave it on for about 20 min, then clean it off with a warm wash cloth then a few drops of lemon balm. so far it is working. the OB stops and they come back far less often. they were a monthly occurrence, but now it has been over 8 weeks since an OB

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