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My daughters when in school were having issues with headlice. I would go through there hair strand by starnd pulling out the knits. Then a elderly lady told me to get a bottle of baby shampoo and mix a tbls of kerosene. This does work after you have removed all the lice from there head if you shampoo regularly with it. Instead of buying the expensive headlice treatment , if you pour this mixture on there hair and comb through the hair for 5 to 10 minutes it will kill the lice.Just be careful with rinsing as it can burn the eyes. I am now treating my grandaughters hair, I am going to get some cocunut shampoo and conditioner was not aware of that.

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Kerosene can cause skin cancer.


my parents used kerosene on me and my sister when we were little with hair past our behinds. it worked great.

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