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Tina from Tipton Co. TN

The amount of food you eat or what you eat has nothing to do with your weight. I was a size 24 and went down to a size 6 . I eat whatever I want, including chocolate and how much I want. EXCERCISE IS THE KEY. If you walk a lot you can lose weight. You must burn more calories than you take in. I have kept if off for 27 years. starving yourself can make you anemic.

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I agree with this you gained the weight by doing nothing you have to do something to lose the weight. Walking is the easiest thing to do because you can do it at your own pace not by trying to keep up with some tape or by going to the gym and have everyone look at you cause you dont look like they do so you quit and gain 10 - 20 more pounds. So I believe this is better than any amount of money you could ever spend on any gimmick!!!


Exercise is important in weight loss, and, I agree, a person can lose weight by only exercising alone. But eating right is important in other aspects of health as well. I have known a number of people who lost significant weight by only exercising and not changing their diet. They ate meat, fried/oily foods, foods high in salt/sugar/flour, anything and everything that isn't generally considered healthy. On the outside, they appeared fit because they always managed to burn off all of those calories they consumed, but, on the inside, they were killing themselves. I knew a runner who ate the kinds of foods mentioned above all the time, never ate a fruit or vegetable or anything remotely healthy; he had a perfect body outwardly, but, sadly, died of a heart attack due to clogged arteries.

You don't have to starve yourself (indeed, starving can lead to anemia), but think of all the things unhealthy eating can lead to.

I would suggest incorporating healthy foods into your life, along with exercise, to keep up your health outside as well as in.


Great abs begin in the kitchen. I was exercising a ton and eating whatever I wanted until I heard this. Then I started eating clean & mixed it with exercise 30 minutes a day 5x a week. Now I've lost 90 lbs, met my goal, went from a size 20 to a size 2 and have the flat tummy I had only once dreamed of.


EXcuse me !!guyz everybody out here is talking about losing weight where shud we thin guyz go,tell me something about gaining weight,i m 5'5 ,22 n i weigh 49,i have a good body but my cheeks dont fill,kindly suggest me something great


thank you so much, and you are absolutly right... :)


To follow up on my last two comments, I feel cured. ;) So the awful taste was something worth dealing with. And it wasn't awful, as in it almost made me throw up, it was just awful as in I couldn't stand drinking it. I am a teenager though, and many of us teens don't have a high tolerance for these types of things.

I feel ten times better than I did before, and for the record I have been drinking gingerale since then (intially to get rid of the aftertaste). I burped a bit (lemony tasting) and I think those foamy bubbles did the trick. I was throwing up an hour ago, and now I'm hungry and want to eat. :P

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