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Honey, take pure honey and swish it around the tooth. Infection is one of the main causes of tooth aches. Honey is one of natures most powerful antibiotics. The honey will relieve the infection thus slowing down and eliminating most of the pain. Do this three to four times in about 20 minutes and you will be amazed at the relief.

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okay I got the peanut butter tooth right now but i am thinking of trying the honey. I have never heard of this except now on here. will update in 20 minutes if im still kicking.


I just woke up with a bad toothache and tired putting aspirin on it did not work, then I tired the honey and after using it for just a few mins it worked I am now a fan, for anyone who don't. Believe it , it dont taste bad give it a t


OMG The honey worked!!! Thank you. Its the most pleasant remedy I've tried and it actually works, also its not drying which was the problem with the Listerine and the sensedyne. I suffered on and off with this for 3 days now, why are dentists closed on fridays?, Thank you thank you for the honey suggestion.


Thank you for this advice! Christmas morning woke up in serious pain! I could'nt find a dentist that was open. Two days later the pain was unbearable, so i found this site. I tried the honey and IT WORKS! Also gargled Listerine, and brushed with peroxide, and took 2 migrane excedrine. I think i can finally sleep. I have my dentist appt. tomorrow!!! Praise God, i dont think i could go another day.


I tried the honey, and IT WORKS! Thank you for your post and all the others! I think i can finally sleep, off to bed i go, got to get up early for my dentist appt. :) dont think i could go another day


I don't know the man that said use honey...but I think I love him! Lol Honey works! I've tried tea, salt water, vanilla extract, cold water, warm water, cough drops, swishing, swashing anything n everything! Needless to say some worked for a short time my next step was just to let someone punch me in the face lol...until I saw honey n thought ehh why not? It worked! I can sleep now thank you! :)


I just tried honey after having tooth pain for 2 days almost straight. Tylenol 3 isn't helping and neither is Acetaminophen (4 500 MG tabs in 2 hours time). Tried Listerine, ice packs, swishing with warm water and just trying to keep my mind off it. I tried 2 different toothache pain relievers that didn't work. Nothing was working. The honey hasn't completely killed it but it has made it more tolerable. I have a cracked tooth with an exposed nerve. It's been this way for a very long time and I'm scheduled for surgery in about a week and a half but meanwhile have to just deal with the pain. Thanks for the honey suggestion.

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