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Ok so I've had major toothache for a good few days. I've had no sleep in 4 days and finally at my wits end. My toothache is cause by 2 access's one the bottom n one on the top. I'd was popping nurofen like they were sweets. But enough was enough was enough when I woke up today and my face was swollen. So i went to the doctor who put me on a course of antibiotics and some lovely strong painkillers. Although i did try a few home remedies first:

Listerine- killed the pain for about 5 minutes.

Salt water- same as above.

Bicarbonate of soda&salt- worked wonders :) it drained my bottom abcess and i could actually feel it working.

Orajel- swear by this stuff love the numbing effect

Also the nhs direct help line told me to alternate nurofen and paracetemol every 3 hours. It worked last time but not this time.

Go to the chemist- paramol are available over the counter and they work wonders

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