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STOP CRUSHIN PILLS & MAKING PASTES! Don't burn yourself with harsh chemicals, and stay away from anything oil based (oil base will just spread your sores!) -see your dr. and get on Valtrex. There is NO CURE so stay away from anyone/ any product/ or anything that claims to be it. Although there is no cure, there is HOPE. You can control your ob AND your life is FAR FAR from over! 1 in every 4 ppl has the herpes's just nobody talks about. Take Lysine daily (1,000 mg) and (3,000 mg) during an ob. Lysine counter acts what the virus needs to reproduce. CONTROL you're stress as much as possible. Take a multivitamin if you're like me and aren't the most 'healthiest eater'....during an outbreak, wear loose fitting cotton clothes. And the BE very CLEAN, try not to spread it by touching it! NO SEX during an ob & BE CAREFUL NOT to spread it to others as well! The sooner the blisters dry out, the faster you're ob will clear. You can use an astrigent but use a 'nice' one like witchhazel NOT bleach, NOT peroxide, and NOT alcohol! Why put yourself through MORE pain- right? I know everyone here is trying to help, but in desperate times...ppl turn to desperate measures, and sometimes make things worse rather then better. Your life isn't over....the minute your ob is gone you'll start feeling like yourself again and although you're always conscious of a tiny 'tingle' it will be the last thing on your mind! Good Luck and Best Wishes. We don't live in a perfect world- obviously! But that doesn't mean you can't live!

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my doctor said i have herpes simplex 1 and im scared to death does this mean i cant have a girlfreind or have sex again im having an ob right now it looks like 2 white scabs almost like a clear color is that herpes simplex 1 or something else wat should i do i cant sleep at night please talk to me


and my lips are swelling up

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