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What works for me is vapor rub and eucalyptus.

I get an old pot and boil some water with eucalyptus leaves and some vapor rub.
Once it starts boiling i put my face over it for as long as I can to inhale it. I automatically feel my nostrils open up.I recommend having a tissue there as you will feel the need to blow your nose.
I try and do it about twice a day for a few days as needed. Depending on how bad you are you might see some nasty stuff come out of your nose as it is cleaning out your sinuses.

If you have trouble finding eucalyptus leaves try a Hispanic store. As it used alot for home remedies.

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i also believe in this but with a towel over my head, only problem i find is the days after coughing up the vapour rub


I do the same, although i use eucalyptus oil, just a few drops in the water instead of vapour rup and no complications with coughing up vapour rup

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