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When I have a painful throbbing toothache, I usually know it is infected. It is so painful you want to cry, but cant because you need all the energy to breath.

What I usually do is, rinse my mount out with warm water, salt and peroxide. Then I sterilize a pin or a syringe needle and I stick the gum when the swelling occurs and release the pus or blood from my gums.
If you are squeemish about sticking yourself, use a numbing agent like Orajel to numb the area first. The pain of sticking yourself is much less than an infected tooth or gum.

Or, you can suck real hard on the affected tooth to release the pus in your mouth, sounds gross, but it is your mouth and it works, in both cases, it is the pus or infection that causes the pain in most cases. Then rinse your mouth out again with the peroxide salt solution.

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