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I figured I'd post my situation as well..

I noticed a small cluster of GW on the
right side of my shaft a few months ago and did some research and decided to try out the ACV method..

Day 1: I soaked a piece of paper towel in ACV and placed it over the infected area, and kept it in place with some black electrical tape. I left it on throughout the night and by morning the GW were white and fairly puffy.

I went about my day and as I came home in the evening the GW started to turn black.

Day 2: Did the same treatment process over again, and the following morning the GW became more dark in color.

Day 3: Treatment process once again, and this time when i took the bandage off in the morning basically the entire GW was black and a tiny bit of the GW actually fell off..

I'm on day 3 and will continue this process until my GW are completely gone. Hopefully it wont be too long!

P.S. I've also been taking 1000mg of Vitamin C each night before I go to sleep as I have read that helps with the treatment as well.

For anyone that is reading up on this and seems skeptical, it's definitely worth a try.

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I have tried this, and YES IT WORKS!


could i ask what avc is?


i mean acv


apple cider vinegar


when it turns dark do you stop using the acv?


It's shit cause they just come back!

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