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i tried acv & duct tape combo for 2 months,
the effect is just tickling the virus.
i tried nail polish remover, clear nail polish &
duct tape combo, now the virus is rotting.
what you should do, 1.)soak the wart in nail polish
remover for about 20 to 30 minutes only enough to
fill the infected area, after soaking, your feet
will really get dry ready for next step. 2.)get an
emery board to file the wart, feel free to file
until you will see blood, stop filing, don't touch
the wart as this is contagious, you might end up
having a wart in your finger, this means you already
hit the head. 3.)now polish the wart with a clear
nail polish, enough to cover the entire wart, let it
dry. 4.)after drying the polish, cover it with duct
tape, enough to keep it dry for at least 2 days,
cover your foot with any plastic wrap when taking a
bath. Repeat the process every 2 days until there is
no blood coming out in the wart area. What you're
doing here is suffocating the virus cause it needs
oxygen and keeping away from skin moisture for it to
survive. Hope this helps. Now i'm only treating 1
small wart after having almost 10.

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