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Hi, As of 2 weeks ago, I had a really bad smell (fishy and lots of discharge), and I just got tired of it. I came online, read alot of articles... I think I had either BV or a yeast infection. Not sure. But I took out most of the sugar I was eating in my diet, started preparing foods at home, but most importantly and what I think helped a lot was that I went to a good holistic grocery store that sold vitamins, and I bought these supplements (I was not interested in doing the douching or applying anything to my vagina directly so i went with the oral route) 1) acidophilus (iflora women's multi probiotic) 2) garlic (garlinase) 3) cranberry 500mg4) a women's multivitamin new chapter women's one daily 5) folic acid 6) B12 1000mg and 6)Folic Acid 400mcg

I started taking everything all at once at night right before going to sleep. And after a few days of doing this my smell started to go away. It even cleared up the really awful smell towards the end of my cycle. I also starting about a month and a half ago really increased my water intake to 6 to 8 cups of water a day from not really drinking water at all. Last but not least, I am pretty much dairy free, and all the supplements I am taking are gluten free/vegetarian.

On the downside some of the vitamins are pretty big. I'm willing to look past it though because the combination of everything has made me not have any bad/irregular/way too much discharge on top of the small going away. And I want to smell good for myself. And for any future partner I may have.

It's made my self esteem really rise alot. I feel so much more healthy. Background, I'm not on the pill or any medications like antibiotics or anything, nor am I a doctor.

Just wanted to share what has worked for me, in such a short time.

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Great info! You said that you take Folic Acid & Folic Acid 400mcg, whats the difference? Also, did you buy all of these vitamins at one time or did you have to visit numerous stores? I was thinking about stopping buy Vitamin World or GNC..what do you think?

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