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Okay so recently I have discovered that I contracted head lice. And because I have never had lice I have become obsessed with getting rid of it. I went on here and read just about every remedy and this is what I came up with that worked for me. I put vegetable oil on my hair with a showercap on top for about 3 hours. Then I washed my hair with listerine. I left the listerine on for 5 minutes then rinsed thoroughly. I then washed my hair with Denorex shampoo and sauve coconut conditioner. When I got out I brushed and brushed my hair with a steele micro groove lice comb. I then blow dried my hair on high heat then turned my flat iron on to the highest setting and flat ironed my hair. This killed all the lice and nits the first time around but to be sure everything was gone and will stay gone I now wash my hair with denorex shampoo and sauve coconut conditioner everyday. And about once a week I put some kind of oil in my hair for 3 hours. Also I vacuumed my house like crazy, including my bed and couch. I also sprayed my bed and couch with water that had a splash of tea tree oil in it. I have been lice free ever since

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How much amount of water do you need with the tea tree oil ?

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