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I had this horrible tooth pain that woke up at like 12am. It was so bad I was crying because it felt like someone was stabbing me on my right side of my jaw and the pain Was radiating to my ear and felt like someone was kicking me in my temple. I took ibuprofen and it did nothing finally the pain was so bad I went to the er where they gave me more ibuprofen and told me to cone back in the morning. I was in so much pain that I was hysterical! I saw the dentist n they said I had a very bad infection that had to be treated in order to take out my wisdom tooth that ha broken in half. In the end nothing not even meds from the doctor worked. My mother gave me a hot green tea bag and told me to hold it against my gums where the tooth hurt. At first it hurt so much!! But I delt with the pain and bit down on the teabag like my mom told me and after like 10 mins the pain had calmed down soooo much! I was able to finally fall asleep. Oh ane after u do the teabag thing take an exedrine migraine. Trust me it stopped the radiating pain. Good luck!

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VANILLA EXTRACT!!!!!!!!! OMG IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!! I slept for the first time in 5 days!!! After almost crying in pain every night still drowsy from painkillers, I slept with no pain, no feeling like all the teeth on my right side were gonna fall out and no pressure in my head!!!! Until you can get the work GET VANILLA EXTRACT!!!!!!!!

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