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Gone in three days! I had angular cheilitis for about a month before I decided that my lips weren't just chapped. After reading up on the condition online for a bit I decided on a course of action.
I started taking multivitamins immediately. I also used some ointment called Campho-Phenique (with drying action), which is made by Bayer (you can find it at drug stores). It's a pain reliever and antiseptic gel that is generally used for cold sores and fever blisters. Whereas most of the lip gels I looked at had only a teeny-tiny amount of camphor and phenol (both of which are analgesics and antiseptics), the Campho-Phenique gel had about twenty times as much.
I also used Carmex, mostly during work when I was too busy to use the cold sore gel.

Anyways, recap:
*Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial soap before applying anything.
*Cold sore gel works well, but make sure to get something with antiseptic properties; also READ THE LABEL for whatever you buy.
*Use Vaseline or Carmex (has petroleum jelly in it)
*Take multivitamins. I have a history of iron deficiency so I also took iron pills along with the vitamins.
*Ibuprofen helps ease the pain and reduces swelling.
*Talk to a doctor or a pharmacist. And a lot of insurance companies have triage nurses you call about health questions.

For any questions, just comment :)

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Have you had any reoccurances since? Has the darkness caused by A-C faded or did only the cracks, pains and general irritation go?


I also Used the campho-phenique. And instantly i was able to open my mouth w/o the splitting and painful part. Just A major Relief. I read these posts yesterday after suffering w/this off and on for bout a yr. I just thought it was stress related w/the chapped lips. Jus a Thank You for ur post, Its helped me so far. Only been 24 hrs and i can notice and feel my mouth healing. A Major relief to be able to open my mouth! Thanks Again =)


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thanks for posting this. It got rid of my angular cheilitis in 2 Days! I have had angular cheilitis for 2 months now and now its fully gone.I'm still going to do the remedie for another week or so just to prevent this from coming back. Again,, Thanks

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