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Dr. Mustafa Ali

The best kept secret for killing fleas and ticks that almost all groomers use is flat out Dish detergent like Dawn and bath ur pets making sure to throughly lather complete coat of dog or cat. Then rinse making sure all soap is off . This will dry out the skin so u must use a moisturizer afterwards to replenish skin. Then use baby oil and rub LITTLE all over coat mainly center if back. Baby oil is a natural anti-bug application that can also be used on humans for same purpose.
Trick is proper diet and regular baths and ur pets will be good.
Do not use food that contains garlic or corn and stay away from rawhides.
Im speaking with 20you years of experience in dog training and dog showing.

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i live in australia where i carnt buy dawn will palmolive work


The baby oil does help repel the fleas! I tried it first hand. I applied too much and his hair was weird and he got extremely dirty when I took him for a walk, lol! So the moral to that story is just a 'little' oil. I didn't see any fleas for a while after using it. I do plan on using the DAWN today, I've heard nothing but good reviews about it. Thanks!


We live in the dessert ( az) and I have a thick coated mastiff we dont so much as have problems with fleas as ticks they are everywhere and always on him what can I do to stop or at least minimize this problem?

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