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Dr. Mustafa Ali

The best kept secret for killing fleas and ticks that almost all groomers use is flat out Dish detergent like Dawn and bath ur pets making sure to throughly lather complete coat of dog or cat. Then rinse making sure all soap is off . This will dry out the skin so u must use a moisturizer afterwards to replenish skin. Then use baby oil and rub LITTLE all over coat mainly center if back. Baby oil is a natural anti-bug application that can also be used on humans for same purpose.
Trick is proper diet and regular baths and ur pets will be good.
Do not use food that contains garlic or corn and stay away from rawhides.
Im speaking with 20you years of experience in dog training and dog showing.

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I tried using a small amount of dish soap on the dog for fleas. The dogs skin became dry, chewed all his hair out of his back, got infected and I found him dead this morning.


My boxer has skin allergies and I have to be careful what I use. But Dawn has always worked for killing the fleas.

I'm thinking something more happened to cause ur dog to die. Washing in dawn wouldn't have done it. If the infection was that bad, did the vet give you meds?


I've used Dawn for years on my dogs and it works wonders and will continue to use it for years to come. u can even see the fleas die on contact.


We also use Dawn dish soap and you can see the fleas come off in the rinse water. Just have to bathe a little more frequently to conquer an existing flea problem because there are still eggs and fleas around the house.


You said stay away from foods with garlic. That's very untrue. Garlic is a natural bug repellant. People who eat lots of garlic don't get ticks or other types of bugs nearly as much. Same goes for dogs.


The Vet told me to give my girls (the furkids) a rawhide once a week to keep the tarter off the teeth. I have and every vet visit the teeth look good.


I was told never to give rawhides because it takes a long time for them to break down in their stomachs.


Raw hides also contain formaldehyde. There are plenty of products that are. Natural for dogs to eat, ie:Zukes- and my collie had bad teeth but I have been giving her natural charcoal cookies- 1 a day and her smile sparkles. Not sure what to believe regarding DAWN but they did use it to clean up the oil spill on the animals on the west coast. Food for thought.


use dawn dish soap on kittens, works really well, carpets a mixture of blended salt and borax. must blend salt or regular salt will kill your carpets too.


I am not preaching, I am simply educating...Proctor & Gamble, makers of Dawn dish soap, STILL torture and kill thousands of animals annually for their products. I know this first hand because it is public knowledge and my husband use to clean the cages of their lab animals while he was in college; dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc..
Do what you please will that information.

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