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I am 17 about to turn 18 and a college student. I'm a freshman and the whole college life is a stress fest. I am in a relationship with an older guy and he gets cold sores. We had oral sex but he wasn't having an outbreak so we didn't think anything was harmful about it.WRONG!!! Over the previous weekend I shaved and immediately after I felt alot of irritation which I thought came from me shaving then I noticed what looked like a little cut a day later. By this Monday I was ignorantly having my first outbreak. I have previously been hospitalized for major over stressing(asthmatic so dangerous to stress). I went to the doctor Tuesday and he told me that it was probably Herpes II. Naturally as a teenager dealing with stress and hormones I cried which might I add made my outbreak jump to an all time hell!!!! At first wen I noticed the sores I put peroxide and Triple Antibiotics on it and peroxide which didn't do anything for me except make everything look horrible. I kept using the Triple Antibiotics and petroleum jelly to help stop burning when I urinated but it barely worked. I started doing research and learned that I helped my outbreak spread and get worse. So I ended up coming across this site and I feel way better. I have been crying my eyes out(learned to stop that one). I feel alone sometimes and I feel disgusting. I try to clean the puss out as much as possible but lately the pain is becoming to intense!!! I haven't drunken anything in the past 2 days because I'm terrified of urinating. But all this isn't the worse of my problems besides this virus my dr called me yesterday morning and told me I had a bacterial and yeast infection. Now I'm taking Valtrex and some other medicines. Pain pills don't help. I have cream for the yeast infection that I have to use at night time only and that shit burns like the deepest pits of hell. I couldn't move for 3 hours. I am now taking Vitamin E pills;I busted them and applied it but it only worked until I had to use that cream. SO now I'm back on here looking for some help. I see that the Tylenol PM thing is a hit so I'm bout to try it. Everybody on this page has made me feel like I can do this.I feel like this thing has control over my life right now but I hope to soon flip it. Thank Everybody on here for their wonderful advice. Also the guy that I got it from is 100% behind me and is very helpful with the situation. He said if he has it then it changes nothing about us and that really shows me that even with this there is still a life for me. So to anybody that is having their first outbreak and you feel all hope is lost remember that with support, faith, prayer, and this website your life won't be hell all the time. I hope this Tylenol helps because I haven't shut my eyes in a full 24 hrs and I'm so tired.

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I completely understand how you feel. A similar thing happened to me. Except i was in an abusive relationship and trying to get out. So my partner purposly gave me herpes and got me pregnate in attempt to entrap me. We'll I snuck out at 4 a.m and got away from that bastard and moved across the state. Got an abortion but i'll always be stuck with his memory every time i have an outbreak. Same thing happened with me. nicked myself with a razor and the exposed skin became infected. And i had a urinary track infection as well. It IS the most HORRIBLE pain ever. And your totally right college is a stress out! Its been 8 months and im still trying to figure out how to stop the breakouts. The virus is dependent on your immune system, unfortunatly ive always had a weak one. So I hope you have a stong one. Take vitamins, eat healthy, dont drink alchohol or do any drugs that impare your immune system. If you find any good cures let me know


ive jus recently got infected with herpe simplex 1 from having oral sex with a girl im so upset an worried that i wont have sex anymore and a relationship im scared to tell my freinds i jus hope we can all cure this please write back

There's hope :)

First off- I'm really really sorry :( this is a horrible virus that affect 1 outta every 4! -you're not alone & you ARE still in control of your life! Don't be crushing pills and making pastes! See your Doctor! Get on valtex, jaunt down to the vitam store and get some Lysine! Wear loose fitting COTTON clothes, stay hydrated, eat healthy, and TRY to control your stress level. I was 'crushed & hopeless' and now I'm 'me' again. :) I stop by this page to help that 'crushed soul' I was 3 months ago. I'm telling you! Lysine, take 1000 mg per day, increase to 3,000 during an outbreak...take your valtrex 10 days for your first ob and again when you ever feel a 'tingle'. OH and for some soothing (TUCK PADS) they are cool, moist, and sanitary. Wipe the ob area after goin to the bathroom and you can stick in you panties for some relief. They contain witchhazel which is an astrigent & will dry up the blisters, BUT IT DOESN'T STING! -it soothes. AND try googling this 'dynamiclear' it will help heal the sores faster by killing the virus on the outside. There is NO CURE :( the virus subsides by your spine, you always carry it. But YOU can control your ob's.


-oh, and you can get Tuck Pads at Walgreens, next to the firstaide.....they are for women after child birth and hemroids. They're super cheap and definately worth it! They were referred to me by a liscensed midwife/pa.


Aw sweety... I got it from someone who told me he loved me, that I was in a relationship with... right. Loved me enough to not tell me he had Herpes. Now I have a life long reminder of that a**hole.

Don't dispair, it's controllable. I don't have any magic potion to help but for everyone on here, it is SO important that you tell people before engaging intimately with them. The right person will understand, and not lose any respect for you. If they find out after the fact though... look out.

USE CONDOMS. Valtrex is a wonderful thing, it controls my outbreaks. Bathe in EPSOM SALTS as much as possible, it should help, and make sure to keep the area dry.


I just got this a few months ago. I too was afraid to pee but if you drink lots of water it helps peeing. fill a bath tub and pee. that's the only cure for peeing. you wil be fine soon. I thought my life was over but it hasn't affected my life like my first outbreak. it was always the worst.

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