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Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Baby bottle syndrome is caused by sugars turning into acids and rotting your teeth. All drinks contain sugars except water. Do not let a child go to bed with a bottle. If your child is thirsty water is the best thing. If they prefer something else before bedtime make sure they brush their teeth afterwards.

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I feel the same way,we are all adults and their is no need for insults,I came for the same reason ...for good advice..what do u think that we automatically know thatmilk is harmful at night... I never letted my babies sleep with the bottle I would only a a bottle at night and then bruch thier teeth but had no idea that the milk,formula was so strong that it could actually harm the teeth ...I also no no remedies ..The best advice would be to stop the bottle at 18 and stop all the bad sugars in the diets, like juices,pops,ice cream and all the other harmful sweets to a moderate way. A good thing is water and do home fruit blens like water with fruits with no added sugars..Denist appt should be the first call as well


start early to water down milk in the evening continue to water down milk until the child is getting only water at night

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