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Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Baby bottle syndrome is caused by sugars turning into acids and rotting your teeth. All drinks contain sugars except water. Do not let a child go to bed with a bottle. If your child is thirsty water is the best thing. If they prefer something else before bedtime make sure they brush their teeth afterwards.

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And make sure to get rid of the bottle by 18 months. there is no reason for a baby to take a bottle past that age!


absolutely! there is no rason at ALL for a baby to be on a bottle after 18 months. Personally mine were on them only until a year when i took them away. But 18 months would've been the cutoff point. Wish i had a picture of my neice here to post on the site of what can happen when someone lets a child drink a bottle until shes 5 years old!!!!!!!! Her teeth are so messed up now. That is just plain crazy. And Pacifiers....same thing. 18 months is the absolute cutoff. I HATE seeing kids with binkies in their mouths when they are 2 and 3 years old.
Never put anything in a bottle near bedtime but water. And if you need to try and get rid of the bottle offer sippy cup with milk, formula or juice and ONLY put water in a bottle.




My nephew is 6 now and his teeth are completely silver, due to his mother allowing him to lay in the crib with chocolate milk, Isnt this some kind of child abuse?..

mommy who loves her baby & her teeth

WOW!! THANKS!! I will DO THE WATER IN THE BOTTLE THINGY! ) I have had the worst time getting her off the bottle!

an angry mother

this site's suppose to be helping mothers but all i see is hypicredical women trashinpeople whos children are not bottle broke. if u dont want to see it, give these moms advice and if you cannot do that then dont say any thing at all. i came on here to get help, it just got me angry.


Slow down their crazy lady! This site helps plenty on moms!


My baby is now a year old and he doesnt sleep without his bottle, he drinks up to 1 liter of herbal tea a night. I didnt know anything about bottle syndrome, but i am defenitally gonna put on water during the night now!!!! How long does it take for babies to adjust water? I know that he is going to be very upset and is going to cry alot, but that is something that must be done. Any suggestions on how to make the change to water any easier for my baby?


Good advise, but ouch! I'm with the angry lady. The judgemental part added in with the advise isn't really necessary is it ladies???


i third the angry lady, where is the home remedy here? off to look for answers elsewhere

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