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These bugs don't die! I've been plagued with the super mutated lice. I read & read home remedies until blue in the face...some say they work while other disagree. I tried an experiment. I got a live louse (nymph), set in on the table & poured listerine on it. I watched the louse swim in the puddle of listerine and watched it crawl right out of the puddle. I set it on a napkin & it crawled around like nothing had happened to it. I got tea tree oil and poured that on the louse while it was still on the napkin. The napkin soaked up the tea tree oil instantly, but the louse died instantly too. Dead as a doornail. So it's proven...tea tree oil will kill the little buggers instantly, while the listerine did absolutely nothing to it. I whipped up a batch of mayo (costco brand), raw apple cider vinegar (braggs brand), 1 T tea tree oil (trader joes brand) a few dropper fulls of neem oil (health food store). Saturate the entire head with mixture, cover hair with plastic bag, drape towel around neck & leave on for as long as possible 4 hours or more. Use this time to wash all bedding & towels, vacuum carpets, sofas, mattresses, seats in car, bag up all stuffed animals. After washing hair, saturate with conditioner & comb thoroughly with metal comb. Comb every other day for 2 weeks, plus wash bedding/towels & vacuum daily. Make daily preventative spray using water, tea tree oil & neem oil. Spray on hair daily & leave on (will dry quickly). Sounds like a lot of work & it is because this is war against these bugs, not a picnic.

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My husbands niece kept lice. After I had children they got it. My boys were easy just shave and shampoo. Now my daughter had thick long hair that was down her back. I just bought nix with the 2 shampoos and an electrical comb from Walmart ( it was cool you can hear the suckers poppin')gone in 7 days. (: P.S. I was like a momma monkey and it took me hours going inch by inch through her hair.


My roommate's little girl (who is 5) and has had head lice ever since my boyfriend and I moved in with, you say these are hard to get rid of but I found something that has been working ever since I put the first drop in her's the Garneia fruitise {or however you spell it} by as I was saying the frizz ease sleek n shine stuff works really good so seems to kill the older ones instantly and helps get the nits/eggs out easily, it just loosens them right up so they come off as soon as you pull on them. Also, she hasn't complained about her head itching nor have I seen her itch it. It seems like a pretty good home remedy. You have to put in about 10 squirts or a generous amount and left it in the hair until the next wash and I would repeat daily until ALL of the bugs and eggs are out of the hair (extremely important to get all of the eggs out because as nature takes it's course, the eggs will hatch and you'll have to then repeat the entire process).


Listerine does do something for them...!
It makes their breathe minty fresh!

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