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man.. im quite anal when it comes to personal hygiene and brush multiple times each day. I have never experienced a tootache but today after chomping down on a firm Plum i started to feel a throbbing, i wanna funk somebody up, pain. It was so bad i have been in a bad mood since. It's one of those pain where you can't pinpoint. It's inside my tooth. I must've chomped down on a weird angle. I tried brushing my teeth, flossing, rinsing my mouth with Listerine, and even rinsing with warm salt water. The warm salt water helped tremendously, but i can still feel the pulsating, throbbing, pain. I still want to bite somebody's head off.

The best remedy is Tylenol, Aspirin, Aleve, or any over the counter pain med. That's the only thing that worked for me. I took 1 Aleve 15 minutes ago, and im just starting to feel some relief.

Good Luck People.
Make sure you tell people you have a toothache because it will put you in a bad, bad mood.

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Mine hurts so bloody bad mate. If you bite down on a warm tbag the pain will go away really fast


lol 'fuck somebody up pain' is definitely how I describe it too!!
I try to avoid people when I have a toothache!! Like now.

Pain meds, warm salt water & or a tea bag is what I'll try now!


I never had a toothache. I am in pain ,you are right about the mood I am hurts soo bad.going to try the cloves and black tea.


A toothache is the worst pain ever! And I have had a baby so that's saying something! Last night I woke up at 4 am with a horrible toothache and I came on here to hopefully find something to give me some relief. I tried the slicing a piece of garlic and holding it on the tooth...everyone seemed to swear by that..however, the garlic was so strong that it made me so sick. So that didn't work. I did the swishing the warm salt water and that helped just a little bit but only for a minute or so. What worked the best for me was I took six 200 mg advil and two 50 mg tramadol and some antibiotics that I had left over. I couldn't just go out to the store cuz my baby was sleeping. But in the morning I got liquid ambosel and the clove oil and alternated those on the bad tooth. That worked really well for me. I have an appointment to get this damn thing pulled in a few days. I hope this helps someone out cuz I kno the pain is unbearable. Good luck!

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