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Rubbing alcohol was key for me. Previous application of vaseline alone had failed. After reading this site I began washing with Dial antibacterial soap, drying, then applying rubbing alcohol to the corners of my mouth with clean QTips. I'd hold the QTips in place a few seconds -burning is normal. I'd let it dry then apply vaseline to my entire lips, focusing on the corners of my mouth.

After maybe 4 days my mouth no longer hurt and the cracks from the cheilitis were gone. Some pinkness remains but I am sure that will resolve itself as I continue to heal.

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How is it doing??? I'm trying your alcohol method. I've been suffering with this since late 2009 -- I even just took diflucan for 5 weeks (1 pill/week). I'm am so fed up with this and just want it gone!


I tried this and added Vit B Complex, worked and cleared mine.

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