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I don't have any remedies really but I can give some advise..

1. Take many baths! It will ease your pain, use Epsom salt if you have it

2. If it hurts to urinate, do so in a warm bath (gross, I know but a dr recommended it to me and it helps)

3. Valtrex works amazingly, but it's expensive.

I got the virus when I was a senior in high school. I'm almost 20 now. Anyways. I know it's rough. And for you younger girls. Please please do not beat yourself up over this. You're not gross. It is not the end of the world. It took me a while to convince myself of that. I've dated two boys since I got the virus. I will be honest with you, I had sex with them and didn't tell them until afterwords. And neither of them left me for it or thought I was nasty. You do not need to tell everyone you date that you have it unless you just want to. You are not required. People don't always understand my thinking..but I didn't ask for this virus. I don't wish it on anyone!! But I don't believe I don't deserve to be happy or in a relationship because of this.

Do not try and ruin someone's life with it! I'm not at all advising that. Just look out for yourself. You cannot trust everyone with 'your secret'. And please, don't trust anyone besides your family to not tell. Not even your best friend since birth.

Goodluck! God bless you all.

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hey i have herpes simplex 1 an im scared to death because im worried i wont find love or a girl freind =( or have sex but can i have safe sex when i dont have an out break an can i have a relation ship with some one wit out the virus please help me with advice this website realy helps me an allows me to sleep at night wat should i do should i tell people im infected or should i wait for no obs an were a condom

Good Luck & Get feeling better

Once infected, you're a carrier :( ...which means you can spread the virus to someone who doesn't have it. HOWEVER YOU WILL HAVE SEX AGAIN! Wait until you're ob free and wear a condom. Also, be very wary of any 'tingle' you may feel, start taking your higher dose of lysine & your valtrex right away and AVOID sex then as well. Herpes is most contagious right before an actual ob (shedding occurs). You don't have to wear a big redstamp on your head and tell every girl you meet, however just be careful and conscious of others. You can date! Having herpes doesn't mean you're any different then you were before! You're still YOU :) ....once you're in an intimate relationship and trust the person, you can tell them & the two of you can decide about 'unprotected sex' .....

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