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I have had a tooth ache for 3 days now and finally broke down and went to the dentist.....he gave me some antibiotics but of course cant get me in to pull it till 2 months from now......stupid me i took the pills and was just going to try and wait it out.....i lasted mayeb 6 hrs after taking the pill and decided i needed to try something....warm cloth (doesnt work). ice pack (doesnt work). salt water (doesnt work). ice cream (doesnt work). cold cloth (doesnt work). ambesol (doesnt work). tylenol (doesnt work) crying (doesnt work) .........anyways nothing worked for me and thats when i started crying hahaha until my mom who was there for most of the pain finally pipes up and says why dont you try aspirin. IT WORKS all you have to do is take an aspirin (i used bayer) and put it between the ouchy tooth and gum and let it disolve.......dont talk cause it just spreads it around ( i almost puked ) after it had disolved completely i rinsed my mouth out with warm water and it was still hurting a bit so i did it again and now im writing this and not feeling a thing

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