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Boil some marshmallows with milk it works for kids and adults.

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When you say marshmallows do you mean marshmallows or do you mean the marshmallow plants?


normal marshmallows not the plant


I thought it was best to avoid dairy when couging like this


Milk, chocolate and other dairy caused a phlegm buildup.. At least it happens to me when I'm a lil ill and coughing.


this sounds like the most unhealthy way to treat anything!


this is the worst advice for a cough i have ever heard. dairy increases phlegm/mucus production. sugar decreases the efficiency of the immune systom... i hope this is a joke.




Actually, it has recently been decide that dairy products are NOT bad with a cough and cold. The build up of phlegm and mucus FROM dairy has been discounted. I could see how this would help, as it will coat the inside of the throat, easing the reflex to coug - much like honey would. You have to think about the cause - drainage from sinusus, combined with throat irritation. Anything that will stop that reflex will bring relief.


Maybe it was happenstance but I had an extreme cough for three weeks and was going to see the doctor about it. After coughing all night I went on line and saw marshmellows listed as a remedy. I just ate a handful of small marshmellows when the cough started and it stopped. I did it a second time and it stopped again. The next day I had to do it one time. It is worth a try.


This probably works because of the corn syrup. Marshmallows are made from mostly corn syrup. Which has the same consistency as the honey which would coat your throat ...

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