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Tina from Tipton Co. TN

Do not drink too many colas this can cause a kidney infection. If you do get a kidney infection drink nothing but water and it will clear up.

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that is not true....


what kind of advise is this..


Yes, and please post more advice again when you've gone into renal failure. I'd like to know if you're still drinking just water to solve that problem as well.


That is good advice and has some merit.Maybe not a total cure but good preventive advice !

I am a mountain girl and we depended on people who knew home herbal remedies and traditional cures handed down from generation to generation.Today these people would be called Herbologist !

My Mom knew alot about medicinal herbs and I remember her going out and finding raw sulpher to give to folks who were suffering from kidney problems.

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice,taking sulpher and even beer will help flush the kidneys.


I had a major kidney infection and a milder UTI and my natropath told me to do this and I believe it worked as I feel great....

Day 1: Every four hour drink a glass of water with a ural satchet and a level teaspoon of bi card soda mixed in

Day 2: Do the same as day 1 but also drink pure organic cranberry juice at least 150ml four x a day one hour after eating

Day 3: Same as day 1

I did this but had to do day 1 and day two as well as my kidney infection was so bad.....also remember to drink plenty of alkaline water to flush those toxins out and keep those kidneys warm...hope this helps people


Preventative advice MAYBE, but when this person has been up for 3 days straight battling a UTI, drinking water non stop and it still doesn't go away, then we will see if he/she is still advising that water will clear it up.


Has anyone here ever heard of a doctor? Cranberry juice, water, beer..these all are mostly for preventive measures. The only way to get rid of a full blown UTI is antibiotics. Period.


Do NOT drink baking soda water if you are pregnant. It can cause complications. Water is a wonderful preventative and will flush your system but I always add a lot of cranberry juice to my drinking as well to up the acidic lining. I've heard (heard, not tried) that Alka-Seltzer will get rid of a UTI too.


Why all the rude comments? 'anyone heard of a doctor?' Of course, but, hello, this is a site for HOME remedies. Don't bash on people for posting a HOME REMEDY on a HOME REMEDY SITE. And doctors and drug antibiotics are not the only answer to a full blown UTI/kidney infection. Drug antibiotics destroy all bacteria, good and bad. In order for your body to function properly, you have to have a balance. Goji berries/goji juice can knock pretty much anything out - believe me, if you have a good amount of goji in any form in your system, you CANNOT get sick and if you are already sick, you WILL get better, fast. And you don't have to deal with all of the side effects of antibiotics or the chance that they may not even help. Drinking plenty of good water (distilled or spring water) is still the best thing you can do to both prevent and treat a UTI.


Drink a beer unless you're pregnant or can't stand the taste of beer. Depending on the severity of the infection, it'll be gone in a day or two. Always worked for me and I've had one about 3 times over the past 6 or 7 years. Medical doctors are NOT the only answer and neither is antibiotics... if there's a tried and true home remedy for it, use that instead of going to the doctor and paying him $70 to tell you you have a UTI when you KNOW you have a UTI and then giving you a prescription for some antibiotics that's gonna run you close to $100. Not every doctor's out to help you, a lot of them, sadly, are just out to make their money and they don't make money by helping people get better, that's why they tell you home remedies are bunk. :-)

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