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Ted Birnbaum

My experience teaches me that immunity is greatly boosted by a partnership of vitamin A with certain minerals. Two partnerships, I observed, are A with GTF chromium and A with zinc. The zinc partnership protects the throat, eyes, ears, lymph glands, skin and maybe others? The chromium partnership protects other areas of the body. Zinc and chromium compete with each other for an alliance with vitamin A. The competition heats up when the supply of A is low. If you are low on A and take the wrong mineral it may worsen your condition. For example if your only cold symptom is
swollen lymph glands (in the neck) and you take chromium (and no A)....the chromium will partner with whatever little A is in your body and deprive your resident zinc of A, thereby leaving your lymph glands unprotected. On the other hand, cold symptoms such as fever, runny nose, chest or sinus congestion, tiredness, body aches...what I call break thru symptoms will benefit from the GTF chromium vitamin A partnership. Taking zinc when only the break thru symptoms are present might harm your condition. Zinc serves another function too, the healing function.

If a cold starts with a sore throat only...the best defense is:
>garlic (preferably eaten raw...try thin slices on bread covered with mayonnaise or peanut butter...but garlic pills can substitute)
> 22 mg of zinc picolinate (or 30 mg of zinc glutonate with 1/2 mg of copper gluconate...gargle with the zinc before swallowing)
>500 mg of lysine 3x a day
>at least 5 mg of B6
> plenty of vitamin C
Do the garlic for 1.5 days. Vitamin A or A rich food is beneficial too. When the throat pain has diminished & mucus starts to flow, it is best to take both chromium (10 micrograms...a very small nibble on a 100 microgram tablet) & zinc & vitamin A as the mucus could result from either a migration of the infection or a shortage of zinc. I said shortage of zinc because when the throat infection stops getting worse and starts to heal (which should be around 1.5 days) zinc is needed for healing and will be depleted by that process. If the body is low on zinc when healing of the respiratory system is started, the body will compensate for the shortage with huge amounts of mucus. Take zinc to prevent this. Blood in the mucus is a sure sign (as is a sore throat, hurting chest) that something needs to heal. On the other hand the mucus might be from some migration of the germs to an area protected by chromium.

If the cold starts or leads to break thru symptoms...larger amounts of chromium (50 micrograms) twice a day and vitamin A, 10,000 units to start with, for each chromium dose, are needed. During an infection with severe break thru symptoms, I have gone all the way up to 100,000 units/day of vitamin A (only during the time of infection). I also take lots of vitamin C....the maximum amount that won't cause excessive intestinal gas or diarhea. It is also essential to get adequate rest, eat good quality protein for avoid a relapse. A relapse is the worst because the germs will then become much harder to expel even with the best supplementation.

I presently only take chromium when sick. If you take GTF chromium continuously, it might make your immune system overactive and impair your sleep.

If you take the wrong ratios of minerals (zinc, copper, chromium, manganese) and your body is low on vitamin A (more likely during the low point of a cold infection), one or both or your eyes are likely to get irritated and/or red. I suspect a doctor would diagnose it as an additional infection. But in my experience it always proved to be a mineral imbalance. If you are absolutely sure what mineral is short (as in I just took zinc & no copper...take copper), take a small amount of that one...and improvement will likely come within 1/2 an hour...verifying your diagnosis. But if you are not sure, it's best to take extra vitamin A. Extra vitamin A increases your tolerance for mineral imbalances. Too much chromium with respect to zinc will cause an irritation. Too much zinc with respect to copper will cause an irritation....although my experience indicates little or no copper is required if the zinc supplement is zinc picolinate (as opposed to zinc gluconate). Too much manganese may also cause an will have to find out what is right for you.

Skin infections which are tender/painful and red but have not developed a pus blister may benefit from extra zinc (at least 40 mg) and vitamin A. The zinc will promote the formation of a pus blister...which is a good sign...I suspect the pus blister indicates the body has tried to wall off the infection and prevent its spread. When the pus blister develops, continue with the zinc and A and when the blister develops adequately...lance it...and apply antiseptic....I use hydrogen peroxide, followed by zinc oxide lotion mixed with vitamin B2. If the blister doesn't develop I suspect the infection might spread and cause fever, chills, shaking, extreme fatigue, body aches and more serious complications.

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Ted Birnbaum

I am the author of the chromium/zinc partnership remedy. I would especially welcome other people to comment on the remedy if they have taken GTF chromium and vitamin A while they suffered from cold break thru symptoms. Also please tell us what brand of GTF chromium you used and how much & also how much vitamin A. I use 200 microgram tablets of GTF Chromium from NOW with A rich food or beta carotene. I also used another GTF chromium brand with similar results but don't recall its name. I suspect you can obtain dramatic relief from break thru symptoms and even an early end to your cold...I & family members have...if you take the right minerals with vitamin A at the right time...often not easily achieved, I admit. Also please vote on this remedy..dated 2011-9-26 instead of or in addition to the short amendment dated 2011-10-21. One other thing, the remedy assumes you are NOT overloaded with vitamin in I have been taking 25000 units of A daily for years.
In that case you probably suffer from vitamin A toxicity and a modified remedy would apply to you.

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