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Half salt half baking powder just enough water to turn to paste. Dip in cotton wool bud and place between tooth and cheek. I swear within 10 mins I could hear the abscess draining. Pure relief. Please spit out the fluid to stop more infection and see a dentist. Good luck.

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How long do leave it on?


Ive been doing this for over an hour and have gotten nowhere... Why is this???


I've been sitting here for about a 1/2 hour now trying this remedy. It hasn't done a thing except burn the inside of my mouth from the salt.


Its baking soda not powder and it does work really well thank you :)


ok, I did what you aid to do, but I added a couple drops of ambasole. Worked like a dream...Thank You!


This works great! I'm pregnant and cant take anything for toothache pain, except for Tylenol, which lets be honest DOESN'T HELP! Thought about Clove oil heard of the risk and than I stumbled on this post. This is truly a lifesaver, Its 4:00am and I can finally get some sleep. Thank You for Sharing.


Im doing this remedy as I type and still NO RESULTS....WTF!

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