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Had been suffering from an ear infection for a few days and my usual trick of getting rid of it with Ibuprofen wasn't working (normally it kills it off within a day or two). So, employing a bit of logic, I went down to the shops and got some TCP. 1 part TCP to 1 part tepid water and tip it into your ear and hold it for about 5 minutes. Do it twice and it's gone. It does feel like someone is pouring acid into your ear but the excruciating pain only lasts for about a minute after you get it out.

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what the heck is TCP?

mike mcloy

really what is it??


TCP is a mild antiseptic, produced in France by Laboratoires Chemineau in Vouvray and sold in the United Kingdom by Omega Pharma.

The brand name comes from its original chemical name, which was trichlorophenylmethyliodosalicyl (not to be confused with trichlorophenol, a common fungicide).


It's banned in USA btw...


ibuprofen cant kill infections its just a pain suppressor, it was your body that killed the infection the ibuprofen just made things bearable while it worked

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