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When my daughter was sent home from school with head lice, we were so surprised. She is 8, and has 2 older sisters and an older brother, and we have never experienced this before.

I tried Rid, Nix, Mayonnaise, and the Listerine method I read on this site.

First let me tell you to NOT use Listerine. Not only did it do nothing, but it burned her skin so bad, that I could see it turning bright red.
I was in tears watching her cry.

Rid and Nix did nothing. We still found the little bugs running around her head. It was like using water.

I mixed up coconut oils with olive oils, and some other ones, and they had no effect. People say that they need to be left on the hair for 8 or 9 hours.
That was impossible with an 8 year old girl with long thick hair. What a nightmare. We had to use so much oil to cover all of her hair. That was a job in itself. Then she tried going to bed with it, but it was dripping everywhere. We were up all night.

After all of this, I found a shampoo called Clearlice. We bought a complete kit with shampoo, conditioner, this Steele micro-groove comb, and some house spray and laundry detergent.

Everything was natural, and eco-friendly. Since the lice were in our house for over a month, we had to wash everything, and spray everything down.

It was a lot of work, but when we did the shampoo, and rinsed her hair after about a 20 minute treatment, the lice washed out DEAD!!

We used the conditioner, and the comb for about another 30 minutes, and we have not seen any lice or nits since.

For us, this Clearlice was the only product that worked.

I highly recommend it over these home remedies from personal experience.

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I disagree with this one saying not to use the mouthwash, I got the remedy off of this site to do a treatment of listerine on for 2 hrs under a shower cap then rinse an hour of vineger rinse condition comb with nit comb then rinse and it worked GREAT on my daughter we both have used the listerine and it didnt irratate either of us (shes 6yrs old) and the eggs were literally falling off and didnt find a single live lousse! My mother also used listerine on my niece and she slept in it then next morning my mom was combing out dead lice non live! I believe the listerine kills live ones and the vineger strips the eggs from the shaft of hair! Maybe her daughter has sensitive skin that the listerine irratated.


Clearlice does not work. They lie on their website that the product uses an enzyme, but when you get the product, the ingredients state that it is homeopathic. Homeopathy does not deal with enzymes. On their website they also say that they have a warranty and great customer service - all of that is a lie. The only product that I saw a difference with was their wash additive, but it was not totally effective. When I called to ask how to get a refund (since their website advertised a no questions asked refund policy), I was verbally harassed over the phone by the owner. It has been over a year and they still have not issued a refund. They are liars and crooks, and this post is probably just a post by someone from their company. Don't buy this product, you will waste a ton of money for a minty smelling shampoo that does nothing for the lice.

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