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Unfortunately, all of these remedies as fantastic as some of them are, depend on the cause of the migraine.I've had migraines quite litterally since birth. I was born with Hydrocephalus. It wasn't diagnosed until my early 30's.Yes that's rare but it does happen, in fact my nuerosurgeon featured my case in a medical journal for which he was writing an article about the disease. It's quite dibilitating and has been since day1. When I would complain to my mother she would (thinking I was faking)five me a small glass of gingerale and send me to bed. Needless to say it did nothing. The only thing that helps my pain is unconsciousness.The migraines are accompanied by vomiting,dizziness,grouchiness,and pressure over the entire head. A word of advice for all you parents out there: Unless you graduated from medical school YOU ARE NOT A DR!When your child complains of pain, believe her. No matter how often she 'plays sick'. Atleast have her checked out by a doctor. None of us like to think that our child may have somethin serious but it can and does happen. By the time I was diagnosed I was given 6 months to live. SIX MONTHS. The surgery saved my life. TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED

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Charles Ferguson

I have severe migraines since the age of seven. horrible screaming crying headaches. I had many tests done but nothing was ever found. Then finally my great family doctor connected all the dots. My high blood pressure, back pain, migraines, and holes in my back were all signs of spinal bifida. Today with no aspirin or anything I got one at work. I am now twenty and it put me to my knees. If anyone knows a way to trully help a severe case like mine then email me at

Helen ( NSW )

WOW! Me too! Diagnosed with hydrochaephalus at 20 and have migraines that don't seem to react to anything that I've tried. I have just recovered from migraine that lasted almost 3 weeks ( praying for death apparently doesn't work )! Pitch dark rooms, ice packs and heavy duty pain relief is all that works for me at this point. Since both myself and my husband suffer migraines and the entire female section of his family do as well, we were expecting our daughter to get them. They kicked in when she was 5 years old and the poor child is miserable with them. I am light sensitive, my husband is sound sensitive and she is both as well as experiencing auras! Definitely believe a child who complains of pain in their head - even if it isn't migraine, it could be serious.

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