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My life saver: A fan. I have a mini fan that I put on my bed with me and lay down with it about a foot from my face. The cool air feels amazing and the white noise seems to help also. I cant even imagine a migraine without it nowadays.
Also, I sometimes find the pain to be much worse when lying down flat so I stack my pillows up and try to fall asleep at a 45 degree angle. Once your comfortable, with the fan in your face of course, its amazing.
Dont forget two Excedrin Migraine pills. Nothing else over the counter really works for me but those seem to help.

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Excedrin works great but don't take it every day or the migraines just get worse and more frequent trust me plus it also causes constipation. one thing i just found that really works is mt.dew but not before bed the caffeine is proven to relive migraines.


I think it really depends on the person what works and what doesn't. no over the counters work for me, and I don't like pumping pills in my body continuously, can tear up your stomach.

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