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We used the NIX treatment, but I was still finding nymphs in my daughters hair. She has very thick long hair and I believe I was still missing eggs even though I combed through her hair with a nit comb everyday, twice a day. I finally did some research on alternative methods and tried everyone of them. Listerine is awesome. My husband found eggs in my head a week after my daughter was diagnosed. I used the Listerine and pulled out 3 of those little buggers and they were dead. We recently tried the vinegar and it does something to the cement on the egg and the hair shaft. The eggs just pulled right out of the hair. It has been two weeks since we found a live adult or nymph louse, but we are still occasionally finding eggs, so we are still using the Listerine treatment twice a week to ensure we kill anything that may hatch from the eggs that have been missed. I also added tea tree oil to our shampoo. I plan on buying the Denorex today. I am keeping up with the treatments and combing until I do not find any nits at all.

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The vinegar nit treatment worked also in my kids. For me it's always the manual nit-picking and nit-combing. I also tried Nit-Nurse and it did really great, too. It's all natural and I ordered it online.

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