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I had ear congestion in my right ear, so I looked everywhere on the internet for easy ways to get rid of it without the use of a doctor. Most of the people suggested to hold your nose and blow. I would not advise this. When you blow too many times it can damage your hearing and make you develop problems with your ear drum. I ended up putting a heating pad just under my ear as hot as I could stand it for 30 minutes. This helped with the pain but didn't help the congestion. Right before I went to bed I heated the heating pad as hot as I could stand it, and laid it under my congested ear while laying down. I kept it in place and fell asleep on it. The next morning my hearing was fine and I didn't have a congested ear anymore! This is easy, simple, and it works wonders! Hope this helps!!!

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No it is NOT going to damage our eardrum if you 'do it too many times.'

You have obviously never gone scuba diving as you have to CONSTANTLY do this while you are descending and I have been diving for 15 years.


One caution - always cover a heating pad with a towel and then put the pad on top of whatever you are warming up. Lying on a heating pad, whether it is your ear, back or arm all night is not recommended as you could seriously burn yourself.


Just got back from an ENT who told me to plug my nose and pop the ear. Just FYI


Mayo clinic actually recommends popping the ear on their site. It hurts me I just follow the rule of thumb to not make oneself hurt more


I tried the blocking nose, mouth & blowing out nose method a few days agao & my ear went from being blocked to blocked and painful. It might be a method that works fine for some but it certainly isn't something I'm going to repeat.

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